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Cabri Resources on the Web:

  1. Cabri Books & Sites

  2. Cabri Contacts

  3. KaCabriD - Ka's Cabri-Informationen in Deutsch (German information page)

  4. Cabri & Sketchpad compared; tool then object (A thread from the archive of the Geometry Forum newsgroup geometry-software-dynamic.)

  5. Cabri II Activities for Calculus: Using Geometry to Model and Explore Functions - Frankk Bellemain, Bernard Capponi, and Danny Gremillion

  6. Dynamic Geometry - Paul Goldenberg and Daniel Scher

  7. Exploring the Basics of Geometry with Cabri - Wendy Wilgus and Lisa Pizzuto (two activities and Teacher Notes from the book)

  8. Hyperbolic Geometry Using Cabri - Tim Lister

  9. Macros and figures for the Poincaré Disk model of hyperbolic geometry and Rotating Arms - an Introduction - Dave Wilson

  10. Musings upon Geometry and Dynamic Geometry Software - Tansy Hardy and Dave Wilson

  11. Wilson Stothers' Cabri Pages - University of Glasgow

  12. Cabri for the Classroom - Katarzyna Winkowska-Nowak, Florida Atlantic University


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