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Sketchpad Resources at the Math Forum

Sketchpad at Key Curriculum Press

Geometer's Sketchpad Online Activity Guide
Links to other sites that discuss Sketchpad or present Dynamic Geometry activities, lessons, and ideas.

Geometer's Sketchpad Bibliography
Publications that concern Sketchpad, Dynamic Geometry, and the mathematical and educational contexts in which they are relevant.

Discovering Geometry Newsletter
A selected list of articles and activities from past issues, with information for how to subscribe. In addition to providing useful information and helpful teaching techniques, the newsletter is a resource of rich teaching ideas for anyone interested in geometry and technology education.

Geometer's Sketchpad Add-On Modules:
Exploring Conic Sections
Exploring Geometry
Exploring Trigonometry
Geometry Through the Circle
Perspective Drawing
Pythagoras Plugged In: Proofs and Problems

Add-On Middle School Modules for The Geometer's Sketchpad
Geometry Activities for Middle School Students
Shape Makers

JavaSketchpad Developer Release and Alpha Test Center
  1. What is JavaSketchpad?
  2. How to Test-Drive JavaSketchpad
  3. JavaSketchpad Demo Gallery
  4. Differences between Sketchpad and JavaSketchpad
  5. JavaSketchpad Download Center

Courses, Classroom Materials, Student Work

Discoveries in Geometry
An Investigative Geometry course based on a course taught by Alan McRae at Indiana University. Investigations for students use special points for triangles to define particular configurations for quadrilaterals. This Web version was created by McRae and Heidi Burgiel of the Geometry Center at the University of Minnesota.

Dueling Pinwheels - Cynthia Lanius
For beginners: transformations - rotations, translations, reflections

How Much Money Do Baseball Players Really Make? - Ed Malczewski
See Variance - Geometer's Sketchpad

Lesson Plans for the Geometer's Sketchpad
From the Institute for Technology in Mathematics: Action Geometry; Review of GeoLab; Three-dimensional Sketching; Animated Triangle Inequality; Keyboard Shortcuts; Script Tools; Centroid Investigation; Archaeology Problem; Fixed Area of a Triangle; Pythagorean Theorem Investigation; Triangle Inequality; Visualizing Arithmetic and Geometric Means; Rotation Tessellation.

Lesson Plans Using GSP - Leslee Francis Pelton
Overviews of units and objectives, lesson plans, and GSP performance-based unit tests for grades 6-8.
Math Teacher Link - Using The Geometer's Sketchpad In The Mathematics Classroom
By Jeremy Bartusch (11/96); revised by Tony Peressini (1/97). Prepared for participants in the Math Teacher Link Modular Course Program sponsored by the University of Illinois Center of the Professional Development Consortium for Mathematics Teachers.

Monge's Theorem and Desargues' Theorem, Identified - Thomas Banchoff
Monge's theorem says that for three disjoint circles of unequal radii, with no one contained in any other, the pairs of external tangents meet in three points that are collinear.

Roosevelt High School Geometry Student Work - Rob Rumppe
Medians of Triangles; Circumcenters of Triangles; Study of Fractals; Isosceles Trapezoids; Morley's Theorem; Napoleon's Theorem; Reflections in a Plane; Inscribed Five-Pointed Stars

A Slice of Pi - Michael D. Huberty, Ko Hayashi, & Chia Vang
This project studies how pi has been computed throughout history, including current connections between pi and geometry.

Technology in the Geometry Classroom - Course Materials - Introduction to Symmetries, Evelyn Sander (ed.), The Geometry Center
An Investigation of Monge's Theorem Using the Geometer's Sketchpad - Eduardo Tabacman
Peaucellier's Linkage - Evelyn Sander
Sketchpad Homework - Questions designed to give a general familiarity with Sketchpad

Unit Study on Circles: Their Lines and Segments - Teresa Banker
Figures, demonstrations, and some proposed problems having to do with circles, such as point, line, segment, angle, coplanar, etc., implemented using GSP

Write-Ups for EMT 668 - Algorithms and Computers - Dawn M. Laning
12 explorations, from linear functions and parabolas to useful scripts, tangent circles, altitudes and orthocenters, pedal triangles and pedal points, parametric equations, and rose curves, limacons, and cardioids

General Information

Dynamic Geometry
A two-year research project, funded by the National Science Foundation, housed at Education Development Center, Inc. in Newton

Dynamic Mathematics Concepts - Using the Geometer's Sketchpad - Okheng
A talk for STAS Day '96 - approaches and strategies through demonstrations and hands-on activities. See also Dynamic Geometry.

GSP Teacher In-Service Program - Jordan Tinney, Bayside M.S., Brentwood Bay, B.C.
A listing of the skills teachers require to use GSP in grades 6, 7, and 8.
Musings upon Geometry and Dynamic Geometry Software - Tansy Hardy and Dave Wilson
An extended version of a presentation at the World Conference on Computer Education Workshop on Dynamic Geometry in Birmingham, July 1995


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