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Volume 10, Number 11

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14 March 2005                                 Vol. 10, No. 11


              Wolfram Teacher Network | MATTI Math
                Summer 2005 Calculus Institute

                     WOLFRAM TEACHER NETWORK

  Wolfram Research invites high school teachers in math and
  science to join the Wolfram Teacher Network. The Wolfram
  Teacher Network offers expert advice online to teachers
  who want to use the award-winning software system
  Mathematica in their classrooms.

  Wolfram's Mathematica mentors are trained to serve and
  support teachers by:

    - answering technical questions about Mathematica
    - sharing insights from fellow teachers who have
        established successful Mathematica programs in
        their schools
    - delivering seminars and training sessions on
        educational tools for the classroom

  Wolfram is also encouraging teachers experienced using
  Mathematica to apply to become mentors in the program.



  Get a fully functional, 15-day, save-disabled trial version
  of Mathematica 5.1.


                         MATTI MATH


  The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive
  Mathematics (NLVM) has just come out on CD-ROM.

  The CD offers "save" and "print" functionality, features not
  included on the NLVM Web site. MATTI Math, an educational
  software retailer, is the official distributor for the
  NLVM CD edition. Single- and multi-user versions of the CD
  can be ordered. A portion of the CDs' sales will help fund
  the NLVM work, currently funded partially by the National
  Science Foundation.





                SUMMER 2005 CALCULUS INSTITUTE

  The 2005 Summer Calculus Institute, funded by the Calculus
  Consortium for Higher Education (CCHE) and hosted by Catholic
  University, will take place July 18-20 in Washington, DC.

  The Institute will provide 50 secondary teachers with the
  materials and pedagogy necessary for implementing successful
  reform-based calculus programs in their own schools.
  In a workshop environment led by Craig Herring and Lois
  Cohen, participants will engage in discussions and problem
  solving activities. Judith Broadwin will be a featured
  speaker. The instructors, all classroom teachers, will bring
  a wealth of materials to share. All participants will receive
  a copy of the text, "Calculus, Single Variable, 3rd ed." by
  Deborah Hughes-Hallett, et al, and a small stipend to help
  defray travel and lodging costs.

  Apply online:

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