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Volume 10, Number 34

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August 22 2005                                   Vol. 10, No. 34


                     Problems of the Week
 Kung Fu Science | Grants for Mathematicians and Math Educators



  Changes are coming to our Problems of the Week.

  Our goal remains the same: to engage students in non-routine,
  open-ended mathematics investigations based on the NCTM
  Standards in math topics, while encouraging clear
  mathematical communication.

  Our new year of PoWs began on Monday, August 22, 2005, with
  new problems in Pre-Algebra and Geometry. The Math
  Fundamentals and Algebra PoWs start on Monday, August 29.

  We are offering these four bi-weekly problems -- with
  answer checks so that students and teachers can see if they
  are on the right track -- for free until mid-September:

    - Math Fundamentals

    - Pre-Algebra

    - Algebra

    - Geometry

  Until then, students may also ask for free mentoring, often
  available from trained volunteers and, less frequently,
  mentor groups (usually, pre-service teachers). Students may
  also subscribe for Priority Mentoring, and receive prompt
  and thorough feedback on their work. When a PoW closes,
  students will be able to view its full solution for
  two weeks.

  By the end of September, the Current Problems of the Week
  will be available only to members.

  A $20 membership gives you access to all of the new Current
  Problems of the Week (Math Fundamentals, Pre-Algebra,
  Algebra, and Geometry) as well as to the Active Problem
  Library, with over 800 problems, solutions, and teacher
  support materials. With a membership, your students will be
  able to submit to the current problems and be eligible when
  there is mentoring available from our trained volunteers.





  Watch martial artist Chris Crudelli demonstrate to physicist
  Michelle Cain how a wooden plank can be broken with one
  strike of a bare hand. Before actually attempting the feat
  herself, Cain applies Newton's laws and the conservation of
  energy to calculate how many Joules of energy she needs to
  transfer to the board in order to break it.

  Chris and Michelle also talk about how speed, body mass,
  surface area, and the grain of the wood affect this stunt.
  The site was written, produced, and directed by Sam Rae on
  behalf of the Institute of Physics as part of Einstein Year.
  Flash is required.



  Jon Harrison, Social Sciences Collections Coordinator,
  Michigan State University Libraries, offers a collection of
  web sites, databases, and books that provide mathematicians
  with grants, scholarships, fellowships, awards, competitions,
  and other sources of funding.

                   NCTM: GRANTS AND AWARDS


  The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) web
  site lists a variety of grant and award opportunities
  available to mathematics educators.


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