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Volume 10, Number 5

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31 January 2005                                 Vol. 10, No. 5

             Deskcal | The World of Geometric Toy
             Tapped In - ENC Math and Science Fair


  Just in case you do not have your desk calendar yet or if
  you would like to add to your collection, Robert Simms' site
  has a great solution. Since a year has twelve months and a
  dodecahedron has twelve faces, Simms' Deskcal combines the
  two in a calendar that folds up into a dodecahedron.

  Also available are:

   - calendars to fold up in the shapes of the four other
       Platonic solids
   - calendars in other languages
   - the Chinese zodiac to fold up as a dodecahedron

  Visit Simms' Neat Math page:


          THE WORLD OF GEOMETRIC TOY - Akira Nishihara


  Play with animations and applets of Buckminster Fuller's
  Tensegrity and the Indian Ball (also known as the
  flexi-sphere), as well as wire-frame renderings of the torus,
  the magic ring, the toroflux, the reversible polyhedron, and
  other objects. Nishihira also provides instructions for
  building paper models of origami springs and spinning pop-up

  Sections of the site include:

    - Geometric Toy
    - Polyhedral Toy
    - Java Applet




  Gail Hoskins invites you to join her at Tapped In on Tuesday,
  March 1, from 7 - 9 PM EST for an ENC Math and Science Fair.

  Get in touch with her before the event at or
  just join her at Tapped In for a participatory experience in
  K-12 math and science.

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