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Volume 10, Number 53

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December 30 2005                                Vol. 10, No. 53


                  New Look for Our Newsletter
      2006 Mathematics Game | Algebra In Simplest Terms

  T^3 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE * February 24-26 2006 * Denver CO
  Come to the Mile High City and experience what K-College math
  and science teachers say is the best conference to attend.
  Whether it's your first year in the classroom or you're a
  seasoned veteran using TI technologies, you'll have a tough
  time choosing from the 400+ sessions.


  Kicking off our eleventh year of newsletters, our next issue
  will sport a new look! Always free, the Math Forum @ Drexel
  Internet News will continue to focus on the same quality of
  content: valuable sites on mathematics and key issues in math

  Following the lead of our new home page, future issues will
  also start featuring a visual design, plus show conference
  announcements and other opportunities from collaborators.

  And as with our web pages, we'll offer you a link to
  continue reading the newsletter in plain text. Our archived
  version will continue to be available here:

  Look for it all next Friday in your email message titled:

   Newsletter: Math Forum Internet News No. 11.1 (6 Jan 2006)

  We welcome your comments about our new look!


           2006 MATHEMATICS GAME - Judy Ann Brown


  Write expressions for each of the counting numbers 1 through
  100, using the digits in the year 2006, standard operations,
  and grouping symbols. This puzzle is appropriate for students
  in grades 3-12 with a general knowledge of mathematics.

  Students may use the Web form to submit solutions starting
  January 1, 2006; revisit the site after February 1, 2006,
  to see the first solutions.

  Pages available for printing:


  Rules of the Game

  Manipulative Worksheet


                   ALGEBRA IN SIMPLEST TERMS

  In this series, host Sol Garfunkel explains how algebra is
  used for solving real-world problems. Look for the "VoD" icon
  to play video online.

  Free sign up is required for first-time users. Hearing the
  sound and viewing the video require Windows Media Player, a
  Javascript-enabled browser, and a broadband connection: DSL,
  a cable modem, or a LAN connection to a T1 line or greater.
  More information is provided here:

  Annenberg Media's multimedia resources are designed to help
  teachers increase their expertise in their fields and assist
  them in improving their teaching methods. Former names of
  Annenberg Media are: Annenberg/CPB, The Annenberg/CPB
  Project, and The Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project.

  Use the "Browse Teacher Resources:" pull-down menu to view
  other resources by discipline and by grade.

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