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Volume 10, Number 7

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14 February 2005                                 Vol. 10, No. 7


                      How Many Valentines?
         Financial Calculators | - Math

                     HOW MANY VALENTINES?

  Happy Valentine's Day! This problem with a Valentine's Day
  theme is one of several presented as part of the "Patterns
  in Mathematics" section of the Teacher's Lab, from The
  Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project.

  It is intended for use at a wide range of grade levels. Very
  young students can handle this problem for small numbers by
  acting it out and using manipulatives. By fourth grade,
  students can begin to make some abstractions. By eighth
  grade, they can apply a formula after sufficient work with
  manipulatives, tables, and diagrams. And the problem, with
  arbitrarily large numbers, remains appropriate into adulthood.

  View "Patterns in Mathematics" here:


                    VALENTINE'S DAY CANDY


  Another Valentine-themed activity is the current Pre-Algebra
  Problem of the Week. Submissions are free and will be accepted
  for this problem until midnight, Sunday, February 20, 2005.



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  The online calculators are organized into these categories:

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                     DONNAYOUNG.ORG - MATH


  Donna Young offers a variety of manipulatives, graph paper,
  and worksheets for parents, guardians, and teachers to print
  and reproduce for their home or classroom use.

  Resources are organized under the following categories:

    - Math Paper
    - Coordinate Grids for Math
    - Clocks for Math
    - Charts for Math
    - Triangular Math Facts Cards
    - Play Money
    - Math Drill Sheets
    - Fraction Manipulatives
    - Unit Multipliers
    - Scale Paper

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