March 31, 2006
Volume 11 No. 13

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Dr. Math Book Reviews


The Geometry of Algebra - Picciotto


Dr. Math Book Reviews

Maria Miller has written reviews of two of the books in the Dr. Math series. She writes:

"'Dr. Math Gets You Ready for Algebra' and 'Dr. Math Explains Algebra' are books meant for pre-algebra and algebra students, respectively. Both books are written in a very easy-reading style, with some cartoons in between. They are not meant to replace your algebra book, by no means, because they do not contain any exercises. The Dr. Math books are supplementary to your existing textbook, but they are great!"

In her review she goes on to explain why she feels that way.

Use Miller's blog as a way to discuss her review:

Want to Take Dr. Math with You?

View the full table of contents of the four books in the Dr. Math series.

CSMC: Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum

The Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum (CSMC) is an NSF-funded project serving the K-12 educational community by focusing scholarly inquiry and professional development around issues of mathematics curriculum.

Major areas of work include understanding the influence and potential of mathematics curriculum materials, enabling teacher learning through curriculum material investigation and implementation, and building capacity for developing, implementing, and studying the impact of mathematics curriculum materials.

CSMC resources include:

Literature Database
A literature database containing bibliographic information and abstracts on articles, books, book chapters, and dissertations related to mathematics curriculum

Textbook Database
A collection of K-12 mathematics textbooks spanning the period from 1799 (a translation of Euclid's Elements) to contemporary textbooks used today in schools

State Standards
Links to current online state-level mathematics curriculum frameworks. This set of documents represents the current set of curriculum recommendations or mandates from state departments of education to K-12 school districts

The Geometry of Algebra - Picciotto

Henri Picciotto will be teaching a three-day institute at the Urban School of San Francisco Center for Innovative Teaching August 13 - 16, 2006. From past Summer Institute sessions, Picciotto has archived a number of the handouts.

Download the files in PDF format:

Also linked from the page is the full text of "Algebra: Themes, Tools, Concepts," by Anita Wah and Henri Picciotto:


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