May 5, 2006
Volume 11 No. 18

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Tabula Digita - Dimenxian

Arch History & Architectural Overview

Math Forum Presentations at NCSM/NCTM 2006

NLVM - Spanish Version


Tabula Digita - Dimenxian

Tabula Digita, in conjunction with The Princeton Review, is creating video games that teach algebra and pre-algebra concepts. Students experience, explore, and apply math concepts in an engaging three-dimensional virtual world.

The topics covered in Dimenxian include:

  • coordinate system and scatter plots
  • investigation of linear relationships
  • data analysis and identification of linear relationships
  • application of linear relationships
  • graphing of linear equations using intercepts

Download the PC Demo or sign-up to be notified when the Macintosh version is available.

If you enjoy the demo, preorder and save over 20% on the first release mission pack of Dimenxian. The price of $21.95 will be good only until the launch date this summer.

Arch History & Architectural Overview

If you were in St. Louis last week participating in the annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), you may have taken an opportunity to visit the Gateway Arch. This page from the National Park Service includes an animated slide show of the Arch's construction, along with other information about the 630 foot-tall structure, which was modeled after the hyperbolic cosine function:

Wikipedia also has this informative page:

We think there is a good opportunity for a Problem of the Week here! In fact, if you are a Problem of the Week subscriber, check out the new GeoPoW "Look West!" currently in preview, which will be active this Monday:

Math Forum Presentations at NCSM 2006

The handout information from our recent presentations in St. Louis is available here:

Session 32 by Cynthia Lanius and Suzanne Alejandre
Building Teacher Pedagogic Content Knowledge through Problem Solving
Session 174 by Stephen Weimar and Annie Fetter
Assessing Problem Solving Using Constructed-Response Problems

Math Forum Presentations at NCTM 2006

Session 373 by Johann Sarmiento and Stephen Weimar
Assessing Mathematical Thinking from Online, Collaborative Problem-solving
Session 497 by Steve Risberg
Asking and Answering Good Questions: Online Inquiry as Assessment
Session 503 by Claire Mead and Klay Kruczek
Online Mentoring Project Prepares Future Teachers to Foster Problem Solvers
Session 670 by Suzanne Alejandre and Cynthia Lanius
The Math Forum @ Drexel: Technology Enhances Problem Solving and Assessment
Session 748 by Annie Fetter and Steve Weimar
Assessing Problem Solving and Writing with Constructed Response Problems
Session 889 by Jacquie McDonald and Cynthia Lanius
Teaching with Technology: ON-Math Investigations

NLVM - Spanish Version
Biblioteca National de Manipuladores Virtuales

Joel Duffin announced that on Monday, May 1, the Spanish version of the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM) website was released. On any page of the website, users can easily switch between English and Spanish by using a drop-down menu.

These translations benefit Spanish speakers learning English, as well as Spanish-only speakers.

If you have feedback for the developers at Utah State University who have provided this site, please use the information posted on their contact page to send them a note:


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