June 2, 2006
Volume 11 No. 22

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For Teacher, By Teacher Activity Plan Contest

82 Games

Math in Your Bathrobe


For Teacher, By Teacher Activity Plan Contest


The American Heart Association in collaboration with the National Football League is sponsoring an Activity Plan Contest that aims to find creative ways to incorporate physical activity in middle school classrooms across the country.

Deadline for all entries is 10:00 p.m. CDT, June 26, 2006.

Entries will be judged across five categories:

  • Creativity / Originality of idea
  • Inclusion of physical activity (i.e., amount of time)
  • Effectiveness and clarity of communication
  • Quality and comprehensiveness of work (e.g., in addition to activity plans, teachers can develop handout sheets for students, take-home activities for students, information sheets for parents, or quizzes)
  • Ease of classroom learning integration/alignment with curriculum standards

There will be 30 prizewinners consisting of ten (10) winners for physical education activity plans, five (5) winners for language art classes, five (5) winners for social studies classes, five (5) winners for math classes, and five (5) winners for science classes. The teachers who submit winning activity plans will receive national recognition and $250.

Downloadable entry forms and additional information are available from the American Heart Association site.

82 Games


The National Basketball Association (NBA) season has reached a fever pitch, with the Finals tipping off soon. Roland Beech's site provides in-depth statistical coverage of NBA statistics to motivate students' own data analysis, or inspire basketball lesson plans and projects.

The site analyzes:

  • team-wide shot selection
  • player-specific shot selection
  • shot clock usage
  • production by position
  • player pairings
  • foul drawing
  • turnovers
  • clutch play (player stats in the last five minutes of close games)

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Math in Your Bathrobe - Fermi Off-the-Wall Math League


The Fermi Off-the-Wall Math League is an Internet-based math competition appropriate for enrichment, small group work and individuals wanting creative, technology-rich experiences.

Beginning its seventh year, the Fermi Math League is open to school districts and individual students world-wide.

"Fermites" access Off-the-Wall problems online, work on their solutions, and submit their entries via email. A model is constructed, and added to the email entry as an attachment. Unconventional topics make Fermi problems appealing summer enrichment that students can explore at their convenience.

A four-week summer session begins Tuesday, June 27. The registration fee is $30 per student per team.


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