August 11, 2006
Volume 11 No. 32

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Homeschool Math Blog Giveaways - Win a PoW Membership!


Video Math Tutor


Homeschool Math Blog Giveaways - Win a PoW Membership!

Maria Miller at her Homeschool Math Blog site is hosting a blog contest with PoW memberships as prizes! The winners will be randomly drawn from all entries and the prizes include:

  • one Individual Membership to the Problems of the Week
  • one Class Membership to the Problems of the Week
  • your choice of one of Maria's ebooks:
          Place Value 1
          Multiplication 1

View details for participation on Maria's blog. Also read her write-up, Challenging problems in math education and "Problems of the Week," on her Homeschool Math site:

The Blog Contest starts today, Friday, August 11, and will last two weeks. Maria tailors her information to a homeschooling audience but participation is open to anyone in the mathematics community.


Axel Karamer's site can be used to evaluate math expressions symbolically or numerically.

MathEclipse has the following features:

  • two- and three-dimensional function plotting
  • primality checker
  • rule based pattern-matching programming
  • big number and double precision calculation support
  • list manipulations algorithms based on internal Java generics library
  • independent math expression parser

Using MathEclipse:

MathEclipse is part of the AJAX Online Calculator project.

Video Math Tutor

Luis Anthony Ast's site, Video Math Tutor, provides students from 7th grade through college with free and premium (requiring payment) math videos and printer-friendly notes based on his 23 years of experience as a tutor.

Sections of the site include:

  • What's New
  • FAQ
  • Some Helpful Advice
  • Calculator Clips
  • Fun, Free Videos
  • Video Brain Teasers
  • Basic Math Videos
  • Algebra Videos
  • Geometry Videos
  • iPod Compatible Movies
  • Tutoring Print Shop
  • Get Textbooks and Other Math Goodies
  • My Virtual Office
  • Mobile Phone Videos
  • Other Resources
  • Photos
  • Virtual Whiteboard

Ast recommends and provides links to free downloading of both Adobe Reader and QuickTime.


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