April 11, 2008
Volume 13 No. 15

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Mathematics Illuminated

McDougall Littell: ClassZone

Flatland: The Movie


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For teachers of students in grades 3-5:
Tools for Building Math Concepts

For teachers of students in grades 5-9:
Using Technology and Problem Solving to Build Algebraic Reasoning

For all students:

For students in grades 9-10:
the MathMentor


Mathematics Illuminated


Annenberg Media's Mathematics Illuminated is a 13-part multimedia learning resource for adult learners and high school teachers in math and other disciplines. The series explores major themes in the field of mathematics, from mankind's earliest study of prime numbers to the cutting edge mathematics used to reveal the shape of the universe.

Rather than presenting math as a series of problems to be solved, this course casts it as a playful way to answer deep, relevant questions, and as a powerful language for uncovering and describing phenomena in the world around us. Mathematics Illuminated's videos, interactive Web exploration, text materials, and group activities reveal the secrets and hidden delights of the ever-evolving world of mathematics.

More information is available on the site, including

  • Individual Program Descriptions
  • Printable Page
  • Broadcast Dates
  • Buy Videos and Materials
  • Related Resources

McDougall Littell: ClassZone


In ClassZone, McDougal Littell has gathered together all of its activities, interactive online resources, research links, chapter quizzes, and other materials that support its popular middle and high school mathematics textbooks, such as Integrated Math and Math Thematics.

Identify your McDougal Littell book, then browse its chapter headings to find supplementary materials specific to that content, including

  • online games and activities
  • links to related careers and applications
  • @Home Tutor's interactive instructor
  • hints and homework help
  • extra challenges (PDFs)
  • PowerPoint presentations based on lesson examples
  • math vocabulary flipcards
  • critical thinking activities based on real world situations, entitled "What Do You Think?"
  • animations
  • audio summaries transcripts in English, Haitian Creole, and Spanish
  • charts of lesson goals, applications and exercises to help parents assist students, called "Parents as Partners"
  • quizzes and tests

Flatland: The Movie


"Flatland: The Movie," available in DVD format, is based on Edwin A. Abbott's classic novel, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions.

Flatland is a world that exists entirely on a two-dimensional plane. All different kinds of shapes live, work, and play in this world. This is the story of how Arthur Square and his six-sided granddaughter, Hex, travel to a world that most Flatlanders consider ridiculous and blasphemous -- the 3rd dimension.

"Flatland: The Movie" is a thirty minute animated story filled with action, drama, and geometry lessons. This heartfelt tale challenges audiences to grasp the limitations of their assumptions about reality, and to think about higher dimensions.

Areas of the site include:

  • Story
  • News
  • Cast/Crew
  • Store
  • Gallery
  • Comments (from teachers using the movie with students)

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