October 24, 2008
Volume 13 No. 43

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Seasonal Math Forum Problems of the Week

MIT OpenCourseWare: Highlights for High School



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For teachers of students in grades 5-9:
Using Technology and Problem Solving to Build Algebraic Reasoning

Technology Tools for Thinking and Reasoning about Probability


Seasonal Math Forum Problems of the Week

Are you looking for a problem solving prompt to use with your students that has a seasonal theme?

3547: Pumpkin Pride
6226: Pumpkin Seeds
  412: Halloween Night
1360: Trick-or-Treat Box
4556: Pumpkin Carving for Charity
1345: Anderson's Pumpkin Patch
  867: Making Pie Crust
  927: More Pie, Anyone?
  953: Will It Be Pumpkin Pie?
3260: Election Day in Prealgpoweria
  448: Approval Method of Voting
3256: Voter Turnout
3248: Falling Leaves
  458: Happy Thanksgiving
2780: Thanksgiving Travel
3284: A Cranberry Craving
1815: The Tethered Turkey

If you have a PoW Membership that includes access to our Problems Library, view these problems by entering their three- or four-digit numbers to the left of the "Go" button here:


If you are not a member, consider signing up for a Trial Account:


During the trial period of twenty-one days, up to five problems may be viewed by either the students or the teacher, students may submit to any of those five problems, and teachers may try out the corresponding Teacher Office to review and respond to their students' work.

MIT OpenCourseWare: Highlights for High School


Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a guide to their courses selected specifically to help high school students prepare for AP exams, learn more about the skills and concepts learned in high school, and get a glimpse of what undergraduates study in college.

Resource links include:

  • Highlights for High School for Teachers
  • Highlights for High School for Students
  • Introductory MIT Courses
  • Resources
    • AP Biology
    • AP Calculus
    • AP Physics
  • Knowledge in Action
  • Hands-on Learning
  • High School Courses Developed by MIT Students
  • Other MIT Resources for High School



ISS EarthKAM is a NASA sponsored program that provides high quality photographs of our planet taken from the Space Shuttle and International Space Station.

Since 1996, ISS EarthKAM students have taken thousands of photographs of Earth by using the World Wide Web to direct a digital camera on select space flights and currently on the International Space Station.

Resource links include:

  • Mission Information
  • YouTube EarthKAM Video
  • ISS Audio Clips
  • Annotated Images
  • New Images from ISS
  • News Archive
  • Mission FAQ
  • Photo Request Guide

Participate in the Fall 2008 EarthKAM Mission. Register now for the next mission, which takes place October 28-31:



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