3 December, 2010
Volume 15 No. 49
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PNC Christmas Price Index


For the past 27 years, PNC Wealth Management has illustrated the cost of all the gifts involved in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

This year, PNC has created an online pop-up book filled with animated gifts, an interactive chart, and games such as "Pin the Price Tag on the Gift" to present concepts such as inflation and other economic trends. PNC's partner, The Stock Market Game™, provides accompanying lesson plans in English and Spanish.

"This year's jump in the PNC Christmas Price Index can be attributed to rising gold commodity prices, represented by the Five Gold Rings, which went up by 30 percent, in addition to higher costs for wages and benefits impacting some entertainers," according to James Dunigan, managing executive of investments for PNC Wealth Management.

Of the 12 gifts, only three (Four Calling Birds, Six Geese-a-Laying, and the Eight Maids-a-Milking) cost the same as they did last year.

Alert: final weeks for advance registration to the Joint Mathematics Meetings




Math-Whizz lets children match wits with their friends and thousands of other "Whizzers" who have created free accounts. This one-to-one online math tutoring service also provides animated math lessons that give students visual help when they get stuck.

Math-Whizz's Teachers' Resource supports whole class, small group, or computer suite teaching. It is aligned to the curricula of New York, California, Texas, Kentucky, Hawaii, and several other US states.

Now through the end of January, enter Math-Whizz's competition for a chance to win a Flip Video™ Camera:


PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"Winston and Libby approached the Extra problem in different ways, and both were different from how Cathy approached it. I like getting to show you so many different strategies...."
- Max, prefacing the students he highlighted in the Algebra PoW's Latest Solution

AMS Mathematical Moments


The American Mathematical Society now boasts over 80 Mathematical Moments. Each free PDF sheet describes how mathematics helps solve a problem in science, nature, technology, or human culture.

The web portal also includes podcast interviews with experts in these applied mathematical topics, some of which are translated into Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, and Russian.


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