22 July, 2011
Volume 16 No. 29
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Apply for a Travel Grant

TeachersFirst Features Math

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Apply for a Travel Grant


Applications are now available for travel grants to attend the Twelfth International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-12) to be held in Seoul, Korea, from July 8-15, 2012. Application deadline is September 30, 2011. Notifications will be made by January 16, 2012.

The grants are open to the broader mathematics education community of U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens. Elementary, middle, and high school teachers and graduate students are strongly encouraged to apply.

View the official call and the application on the NCTM website:


Now taking place: math education conversation of the hour

"Yes, that result is obvious ... however, you want to integrate w.r.t to t, not the default x, which is what the Wolfram integrator does. The more I think about it, the more I believe that Mathematica/Maple's integration numerical error is indeed the issue...."
- Moth, posted to the sci.math discussion group

TeachersFirst Features Math


With the current edition of its weekly Update, TeachersFirst has highlighted math as its featured topic. Rate, comment on, and read capsule reviews about the thirteen highlighted resources, which include practice games, real world applications, and formative assessment fun.

At this ad-free site, teaching professionals review all of the third-party materials (purple) or post original "TeachersFirst Exclusives" (blue). In particular, click the "more" links of resources bearing the green "E" icons for specific tips on how to safely and effectively use podcasts, digital storytelling, Facebook, concept maps, animation, wikis, microblogging, and other web 2.0 technologies within school policies.

TeachersFirst has helped teachers since 1998; and last month's launch of TeachersFirst 3.0 rolled out improvements and new features, such as search boxes on every page, clickable tags, collapsible resource listings, and one-click sharing via email, Twitter, Facebook, and other social bookmarking tools.

A free service of the non-profit company The Source for Learning, TeachersFirst has catalogued or created over a thousand math resources:


Now taking place: math education conversation of the hour

"For the last two years, I have been teaching a senior-level statistics course. I will still be teaching this 'regular' stats course, but we have added a section of AP statistics this year. Looking at the textbook I have and the one I will be using for AP - Stats, the content of the class is very similar and I at least feel prepared on a knowledge level basis. I have even had 3 students try taking the AP exam during the last two years and my students received a 4, 2, and 2.... I have many questions and if you can answer ANY of them, it would be greatly appreciated...."
- Angela, posted to the ap-stat discussion group

U.S. National Debt Clock


Watch in real time as the dollar amounts change for the nation's

  • total debt per citizen
  • money creation
  • prescription drug liability
  • savings per family
  • interest per citizen
  • defense budget
  • ... and more

The right margin of the scoreboard-like display provides population figures, including numbers of

  • U.S. income taxpayers
  • official unemployed
  • actual unemployed
  • U.S. retirees
  • foreclosures

USDebtClock.org also offers debt clocks for all 50 states in the union, debt-to-GDP ratios for 20 nations, and a debt clock "time machine," which shows historical levels as well as predictions based on current rates and on the Congressional Budget Office's projections.

Mouse over any figure for sources, which range from the U.S. Federal Reserve to the Department of Defense to the U.S. Census.


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