21 January, 2011
Volume 16 No. 3
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Internet 2010 in Numbers

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Angles of Reflection Blog


"I am an old timer in the math ed. business," explains John Benson. "P. J. Karafiol is a young guy with lots of insight and energy and talent. We are good friends. He suggested that we start a blog. After he explained to me what a blog is, I agreed to participate. The idea is that about once a week, one of us will write a short essay about math education. The other one will respond...."

Read and comment on the new blogging joint venture of Benson and Karafiol, Illinois' Presidential Awardees in Mathematics of 1987 and 2009, respectively.

PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"The more interesting problem with this linear model was pointed out by Michael from Rosemont School of the Holy Child. He wonders, 'suppose we left the water on the stove for 1,000 hours....'"
- Max, commenting on the Algebra PoW's Latest Solution

Internet 2010 in Numbers


How many millions of new websites joined the web in 2010? How many trillions of emails were sent? How many billions of Internet users hailed from North America? Sources for these raw numbers and pie graphs range from the Pew Research Center to industry leaders such as MessageLabs and Verisign.

Thanks to Tara Calishain for bringing this to our attention.

Now taking place: math education conversation of the hour

"Then I ask them to draw a square 'Twice as big' as the first. Almost every time the second square is four times as big as the first...."
- Jonathan, posted to the math-teach discussion

Math of the OED, Free


Want to brush up on your zenzizenzizenzic calculations? or see the math terms that first entered the English language during the Age of Reason, and compare them with vocabulary introduced more recently?

Now through February 5th, access the authoritative Oxford English Dictionary online for free by logging in with trynewoed as both username and password.

Browse nearly 5,000 mathematics entries, alongside etymologies and illustrative quotations:


The Timelines tool creates bar graphs dating when words entered the English language:


Parse the linguistic data by subjects such as field of math, region of the world, and language family origin:


Thanks to Jason Kottke for bringing this to our attention.


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