13 April, 2012
Volume 17 No. 15
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Meet the Math Forum Staff: NCSM Booth 1-400, NCTM Booth 220

Rosenthal Prize for Innovation in Math Teaching



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Meet the Math Forum Staff - NCSM Booth 1-400


Come meet the people behind the Math Forum at the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics in Philadelphia — and enter our two drawings!

You could win

  • NCSM membership and registration for next year's conference, in Denver, for you and two colleagues
  • Problems of the Week Prize Pack for you, your colleagues, and your school

Meet the Math Forum Staff - NCTM Booth 220


Attending the annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in Philadelphia? Look for our coupon in the NCTM conference Program Book and bring it to Booth 220 in the Exhibit Hall for a chance to win a new iPad®, Teacher's Gift Basket, or the Math Forum's Problem of the Week Prize Package!

While you meet the Math Forum staff, you can also enter our raffle for Math Forum Prize Packs and receive a coupon for 30% off Problems of the Week class, school, or district memberships, or our online PD courses.

Math Pop Forums


Check our schedule with days, times, titles, and presenter names so that you don't miss an opportunity to engage in conversations targeted on topics that interest you.

PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"OK, so I do this, but the answer seems a bit too high. I get 25 inches for the diameter of the pizza, which is about 2 feet. So I went back and checked my work. I even went back to see how many centimeters were in an inch. I'm glad I did because that's when it hit me. I didn't notice this before, but 1 is LESS than 2.54, and earlier in my problem solving I converted 9 square cm into inches and got 22.86 square inches — and 22.86 is GREATER than 9 instead of LESS than. This got me a bit frustrated, but I still kept going."
- Katherine, highlighted in the Pre-Algebra PoW's Latest Solution

Rosenthal Prize for Innovation in Math Teaching


Are you an innovative math teacher of grades 4-12? Have you changed your classroom to inspire your students to love math? Is your classroom a center of hands-on learning?

The Museum of Mathematics welcomes applications for the inaugural Rosenthal Prize for Innovation in Math Teaching. The winning teacher will have the opportunity to share his or her innovation with interested teachers across the country — and pockets a cash award of $25,000.

Apply before the deadline of Friday, 11 May:


Now taking place: math education conversation of the hour

"Being a new teacher to AP Statistics, I was wondering if anyone can help me with this question. The answer given is 'matched pairs t-test,' but many of my students are saying that it's 'different intersection,' and also since it's in Chapter 10, it should be 'two-sample t-test.' How can I further convince my students?"
- Peter, posted to the ap-stat discussion



A new website for elementary math specialists, coaches, mentors, and teachers soft-launched last week.

Mathlanding.org supports the professional development needs of elementary educators in building mathematical knowledge and instructional practice.

Browse or search over a thousand online resources, every single one of which was touched with an expert hand and underwent a rigorous process of review and evaluation, including alignment to both the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards.

Check out, in particular, the two sets of Collections — curated selections of interactives, games, videos and learning tools:

Classroom Collections

  • Getting off to a Good Start with Fractions
  • Place Value
  • Rectangular Arrays
  • Building Classroom Culture
  • Learning Math through Problem Solving
  • Facilitating Student Communication

Professional Development Collections

  • K-2 Algebraic Thinking
  • Basic Operations
  • Useful Tech Tools
  • Great Sources of Rich Problems
  • Math Conversation Starters
  • Great Sites for Real Data

Register to rate and comment on resources, save and organize them into personal folders, upload your own resources to share with others, and participate in discussion groups and forums:


Mathlanding is a project of Maryland Public Television (MPT), the Math Forum @ Drexel, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and the National Service for Distributed Learning (NSDL).


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