23 August, 2013
Volume 18 No. 34
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First Day of School

Problems of the Week 2013-2014

Math Munch


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First Day of School


What do you do on the first day of school?

Check out these techniques, "openers," literature connections, and other suggestions from the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher (T2T) service.

Ask A Question


Have questions about implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)? Our T2T Associates are ready to respond, drawing on their wealth of experience:


Now taking place: math education conversation of the day

"I enjoyed the refinements suggested by posters #5 and #6. The comments at the end of Meyer's posts are often the best part."
- Richard, posted to the math-teach discussion

Problems of the Week 2013-2014


The Problems of the Week (PoWs) have kicked off for the 2013-2014 academic year! See when submissions open, solutions post, and free mentoring opportunities become available by consulting the PoW calendar:


Teachers with Full Memberships or higher can still view PoWs from the 2012-13 academic year:


By working with the primary teachers at one of our school district partners recently, we've developed new activity sheets for the strategies

  • Understand the Problem
  • Guess and Check
  • Make a Table
  • Use Logical Reasoning
  • Change the Representation

These supporting resources extend our Problem Solving and Communication Activity Series:


Want to get in on the fun, but don't have an account yet? Register a trial:


Now taking place: math education conversation of the day

"The teacher of that two-year algebra course taught CommonCore last year as we were not sure about how the new regents exams were going to be rolled in at that time and figured it was better to switch."
- Caryl, posted to the secondary (grades 9-12) discussion group of the Association of Math Teachers of New York State

Math Munch


Do you love the burst of excitement that you get from reading about a new mathematical idea, seeing an original piece of math artwork, or trying out a new game?

From beach math art to origami mazes, Math Munch has blogged about "cool mathy things" regularly since October, 2011. This summer, the three teachers behind Math Munch began embedding forms to gather questions from their readers, which they then raise in Q&A's with the mathematicians, artists, and others featured. Throughout, they've collected and annotated their favorite online mathematical games:


Last week, Math Munch announced a campaign to encourage its audience to share the mathmunch.org site with others so that "more people have great encounters with mathematics":


With less than a week to go towards a goal of 1,000 individual shares, the trio who write about "the mathematical Internet" still seek "personal acts of sharing" Math Munch, such as

  • telling a friend
  • posting on Facebook
  • writing a blog post
  • emailing a colleague
  • showing it to your kid
  • tweeting about @MathMunch

Or hang one of their flyers in your community:


For ideas about how you can share Math Munch with your students, subscribe to their educators mailing list:



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