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Volume 2, Number 38

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22 September 1997                                Vol. 2, No. 38


    MEGAMATH | Magic Decoder Game | Math Quotations Server


Mathematicians experiment and play with creative and 
imaginative ideas, many of them accessible to children. 
Other ideas (infinity is a good example) have already 
piqued many children's curiosity, but their profound 
mathematical importance is not widely known or understood. 
The MegaMath project brings unusual and important 
mathematical ideas to elementary school classrooms so 
that students and teachers can think about them together.

The MegaMath site features:

  - The Most Colorful Math of All 
  - Games on Graphs 
  - Untangling the Mathematics of Knots 
  - Algorithms and Ice Cream for All 
  - Machines that Eat Your Words 
  - Welcome to the Hotel Infinity 
  - A Usual Day at Unusual School

Ideas are provided for browsing MegaMath as

  - a teacher

  - a student

  - or a mathematician


                    MAGIC DECODER GAME

Crack the code of a secret message encrypted in a simple 
substitution cipher. You are supplied with a magic decoder
device and some statistics to make the job easier:

  - Enter your guesses in the box corresponding to the cipher 
    text letter. You do not have to give a value for every 
    letter; you can leave boxes blank. 

  - Hit the "Try It" button to see your substitutions above 
    the cipher text in the message. 

  - Look for patterns which suggest words to refine your 

From the Puzzle Ring site, by Jeremy T. Teitelbaum.



  "A Mathematician is a machine for turning coffee into 
   theorems.                               - Paul Erdös

  "On two occasions I have been asked [by members of 
   Parliament], 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the 
   machine wrong figures, will the right answers come 
   out?' I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of 
   confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question." 
                                           - Charles Babbage

  "Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics, 
   I assure you that mine are greater."    - Albert Einstein

A collection of mathematical quotations culled from many 
sources. You may conduct a keyword search through the 
quotation database, download the whole collection at once 
(there are about 83 printed pages), or browse the quotations 
page by page. The quotations are organized in alphabetical 
order by the author's last name.


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