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Volume 22, Number 29

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 July 21, 2017                                  Vol. 22, No. 29


          Park City Mathematics Institute, Summer 2017
          The Build Math Minds Virtual Summit | Factris




 The 2017 Summer Session of the IAS/Park City Mathematics
 Institute (PCMI) concluded last week in Utah. More than sixty
 teachers from across the United States participated in PCMI's
 three-week Teacher Leadership Program (TLP), which consisted of
 three strands:

    - Math Course: Recursion and Matrices
    - Reflecting on Practice: Making Inquiry a Core
      Teaching Practice
    - Working Groups on the math course, on lesson study, and on
      standards for mathematical proficiency

 For all the problem sets, observations, and PowerPoint
 presentations from TLP 2017, check out the class notes:

 This year's institute vastly expanded PCMI's YouTube channel,
 which now boasts more than a hundred videos of new lectures by
 Persi Diaconis, Sylvia Serfaty, Terence Tao, and other
 leading mathematicians:


 The sixteen clips in the TLP playlist include an extended
 presentation by NCTM President-Elect Robert Q. Berry, III:


 Having hosted the TLP working sites since 2001, the Math Forum
 maintains an index of all its classroom resources here:




 In ten days, a new online elementary math conference kicks off.

 Organizer Christina Tondevold describes her virtual summit's 30
 presenters as "the ones I look for first in the program book at
 any conference I attend." Review the full roster of speakers
 and descriptions of their sessions, then register for free
 access to the "PD in your PJs" through Monday, August 7:

 Passes for ongoing access to content of this first Virtual Math
 Summit, as well as other community functions on the Build Math
 Minds site, are available from Tondevold, the teacher educator
 who blogs at The Recovering Traditionalist:





 Free beta versions of a factoring game modeled on Tetris
 recently launched for Android and Apple smartphones
 and tablets.

 To play Factris, resize the falling rectangles according to
 their factors. Pack them together strategically to win
 points and free up space for subsequent rectangles.

 Factris creator Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) is
 an independent charity committed to improving mathematics
 education. The UK curriculum development body freely offers
 this game in the Google Play and iTunes stores; respectively,



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