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Volume 22, Number 48

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 December 1, 2017                                Vol. 22, No. 48


                 Speak at Twitter Math Camp 2018
       EquatIO Now Free | Computer Science Education Week


                 SPEAK AT TWITTER MATH CAMP 2018


 The conference organizers of Twitter Math Camp 2018 (TMC18)
 invite math teachers to brainstorm what they want to hear at
 this seventh annual gathering "by teachers, for teachers."

 These topic suggestions have already been made: 

    - Finding connections/pathways in math content from 
      elementary to high school
    - Examining problem sets from Exeter Math or PCMI
    - Using metacognition
    - Exploring formative assessment to move student 
      learning forward
    - Discussing best practices for leading PD 

 Type in your own ideas for presentations, add a "+1" after
 other entries that interest you, or suggest speakers in this
 shared, editable document:


 Speaker proposals opened today. Submit your own by Monday,
 January 15:



                        EQUATIO NOW FREE


 The speech-to-text typesetting software first featured here
 earlier this summer has become free for teachers to use.

 To fulfill its goal of making math digital and accessible to
 all, creators Texthelp on Wednesday announced how to register
 for EquatIO's unlimited speech and handwriting recognition at
 no cost. Other features now free include integration with
 Google Forms, Slides, Sheets, and Drawings; math, chemistry,
 and formula prediction; dynamic graphing; and shapes input in
 EquatIO mathspace. Just complete this form:





 Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) boots up Monday,
 December 4.

 Self-guided tutorials include nearly 80 that emphasize math,
 such as these:

    - Frozen's Anna and Elsa in an exploration of snowflakes
    - Let's Build a Drone!
    - Wonder Woman, which draws on sequences, variables, loops, 
      and conditionals to help Diana train against her opponents
    - Bloons Trigonometry Defense
    - Coders Strike Back: an introduction to bot programming


 Advocating "an hour of code for every student," CSEdWeek
 occurs annually in recognition of the birthday of computing
 pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper. This year, students the
 world over have already registered to participate in over
 100,000 events:



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