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Volume 3, Number 25

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22 June 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 25


 Teacher2Teacher | PBS Mathline | Optical Illusions - Newbold

               TEACHER2TEACHER - The Math Forum


Do you have a question about teaching mathematics? Are you 
wondering about the ways your children are learning math? 
Teacher2Teacher, a new service hosted by the Math Forum, is 
here to help.

Our panel of teaching professionals, Presidential Awardees 
for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching, is available to 
answer your questions. Topics can range from classroom 
teaching techniques to finding good Internet resources for 
professional development. 

  To look for ideas:

      Browse our archives
      Conduct a search

  If you have a question:

      Ask T2T
      Join a public discussion


      For help with a math problem or mathematics in 
      general, please use our Ask Dr. Math service:



                         PBS MATHLINE

The Public Broadcasting System's Math Service. Combining 
computing and telecommunications technologies, public 
television offers interactive data services in addition 
to interactive video and voice services for education
based on the NCTM Standards. 

The PBS Mathline site features:

  - Math Concepts: multi-day activities developed around a 
    variety of themes, easy to use and to adapt to existing 

  - Teaching Tips on ideas such as questioning techniques, 
    cooperative learning, classroom climate, and inclusion.

  - Math Challenges: puzzles, brain-teasers, and problem-
    solving activities for the classroom.  

  - Career Connections: profiles of real people who tell 
    about their careers and how they use mathematics in 
    their everyday lives.

  - Assessment: its importance in the teaching/learning 
    process, what and how you assess, and how results might 
    be interpreted. 

  - Resources: organizations, schedules for events and 
    contests, and suggested print, non-print, and electronic 

          Educators are invited to join Mathline's 
          professional development program:

         OPTICAL ILLUSIONS - Mark Newbold's Java Stuff         


Mark Newbold offers some entertaining geometric optical
and/or stereoscopic illusions to explore:

   - Animated Necker Cube (wait for the fins)

   - Counter-Rotating Spirals Illusion

Newbold has also created four stereoscopic animated 
hyperspace objects based on the same applet; click twice 
on the Stereo button and merge the images visually:

   - Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube

   - Stereoscopic Animated 24-Cell Object

   - Stereoscopic Animated Cross-Polytope

   - Stereoscopic Animated Simplex Object


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