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Volume 3, Number 28

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13 July 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 28


 Frank Morgan's Math Chat | K-12 MCC | Historia-Matematica

             FRANK MORGAN'S MATH CHAT - MAA Online


  "Crossing a Rickety Bridge at Night by Flashlight"
  "A Weight-Loss Formula for Space"
  "Shifting River Beds and Earthquakes"
  "Which Three States Meet Three Times?"
  "Lining Up Your Ducks Is More Difficult Than It Appears"

Articles from the Christian Science Monitor writer's math 
column, starting April 16, 1998, are now on the Web site of
the Mathematical Association of America. 

For articles in the Christian Science Monitor's Web archive, 
search at
using the keywords Frank Morgan.

Many earlier articles by Frank Morgan are also in the text
archive of the Christian Science Monitor. Some can be found
by searching the Math Forum's annotated Internet Resource
Collection for the exact phrase: Frank Morgan's Math Chat

Frank Morgan is Professor of Mathematics at Williams College 
and Princeton University.



This NSF-funded K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Center assists 
school districts as they select and implement standards-based 
mathematics curricula. It provides a series of seminars, 
resource guides, cases and other written material, referrals, 
and phone consultations to help facilitate discussion and
decision-making among stakeholders within a district.

MCC supports 13 programs:

    Everyday Mathematics (K-6) 
    Investigations in Number, Data, and Space (K-5) 
    Math Trailblazers (TIMS) (K-5) 

    Connected Mathematics (6-8) 
    Mathematics in Context (5-8) 
    MathScape: Seeing and Thinking Mathematically (6-8) 
    MathThematics (STEM) (6-8) 
    Middle-school Mathematics Through Applications 
      Project II (6-8) 

    Contemporary Mathematics in Context (Core-Plus 
      Mathematics Project) (9-12) 
    Interactive Mathematics Program (9-12) 
    MATH Connections (9-11) 
    Mathematics: Modeling Our World (ARISE) (9-12) 
    SIMMS Integrated Mathematics: A Modeling Approach 
      Using Technology (9-12)

    Curriculum summaries are available from the MCC site:


         - a multilingual math history mailing list -

A virtual forum for scholarly discussion of the history of
mathematics among professionals and non-professionals with 
a serious interest in the field. English, Portuguese, and 
Spanish are the official languages of the list, although
postings in other languages (French, German, Italian, etc.),
preferably with accompanying abstracts in English, are also 

All traditional and scholarly aspects of the history may be
discussed, and in addition such topics as:
 - history of the history of mathematics
 - current trends in the history of mathematics
 - history of mathematics outside Europe
 - ethnomathematics
 - pedagogical issues
 - origin of mathematical terms/symbols
 - biographies and obituaries
 - bibliographical references (databases)
 - announcements and reviews of new books, articles,
     preprints, websites, ...
 - advertisements of conferences, meetings, jobs, ...

The list is unmoderated and closed. To read more about it 
and to learn how to subscribe, see:


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