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Volume 3, Number 37

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14 September 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 37


 SMARD | Apple Learning Interchange | MathPro Problem Database



This Queensland, Australia site offers an opportunity for 
secondary maths teachers to share assessment tools and other 
resources, including classroom activities. 

The searchable database is divided into six main sections,
which may also be browsed: 

  - Junior mathematics strands (years 8-10): number, space,
      measurement, algebra, chance and data 
  - Senior Mathematics (years 11-12): resources for 
      Australia's senior subjects, including: financial
      math, applied geometry, statistics and probability,
      functions, sequences and series, calculus, groups, 
      matrices, vectors, dynamics, number theory 
  - Puzzles 
  - Competitions
  - Teaching mathematics
  - Mathematics for pleasure


In addition there are more than 220 annotated links, 
organized by topic, to software and Web pages that support
secondary mathematics.




An online resource for teaching, learning, research, and 
collaboration for educators interested in professional 
development, creating and sharing curriculum resources, and 
building a worldwide community committed to finding better 
ways to teach using technology. 

The site includes:

   - examples and ideas for lessons and activities,
   - forums and chats,
   - a database of members,
   - news items of interest to educators,
   - collaborative investigations and explorations by students,

and thousands of documents, images, sounds, and video in 
every subject area.

Resources are searchable by subject, level, content type,
and language, and Units by subject and level. Teacher
contributions are invited, and search tips are provided:





A searchable database of journal and contest math problems 
compiled by MathPro Press and hosted by the Department of 
Mathematics and Statistics at the Univ. of Missouri - Rolla. 

The database references upwards of 20,000 math problems from 
dozens of journals and contests, including the American 
Mathematical Monthly, the Journal of Recreational Mathematics, 
Mathematical Questions and Solutions from the Educational 
Times, and national and international mathematical olympiads. 

Search for problems by subject, keyword, source, problem 
number (this requires a publication source), year, proposer, 
solver, or author; or request a randomly served problem. 
Search or view comments, search commenters, and post your 
own comments on problems. You may also contribute problems, 
referring to the list of problems to determine which ones 
are needed. 

The site also outlines technical details of database 
publishing with TeX.


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