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Volume 3, Number 4

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26 January 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 4


    MathsNet | ArtsEdge | Undergraduate Research Programs

                     MATHSNET - BRYAN DYE

A British site for mathematics, education, information
technology, and the Internet. In addition to pages on logo,
spreadsheets, and graphs, there are areas for specific
educational software and articles by contributors from the
United Kingdom. Read about fractals and graphing calculators,
including the EL-9600, and find links to maths sites
for individuals, organizations, and publishers.

MathsNet offers a selection of mathematical puzzles of
various kinds:

  - The latest puzzle     - GraphMaze
  - Magic grid            - Numeracy
  - Pairs                 - Curious and interesting numbers
  - Quiz                  - Numbers in words
  - The DAILY puzzle      - Four digits that DWARFED
  - The HOURLY puzzle        the universe
  - The MathsWalk puzzle  - Logic puzzles
  - MathsNet Art          - Ken's puzzle corner



Web site recommendations and additional offline resources
that connect the study of mathematics and the arts. From the 
Kennedy Center's National Arts and Education Information 
Network, ArtsEdge links the arts and education through 
technology, highlighting existing work by educators who are 
using the arts for interdisciplinary teaching.

The site also includes:

 - NewsBreak: the latest on arts and education

 - Web Spotlight: an annotated catalog of sites of interest
     to the arts education community

 - Curriculum Studio for K12 teachers: curriculum materials,
     programs, strategies, personal contacts, and other
     information that relates to the performing arts and
     national education goals

 - For Students: opportunities for students to share their
     own creative accomplishments and participate in online
     arts-based interactive areas

 - Community Center: virtual conferences and interactive
     learning, organizations and programs, and resources
     for advocacy and funding



The Math Forum hosts a growing database of announcements
for undergraduate math research programs, including:

 - Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)
 - Other Summer Programs (non-REU)
 - Research Semester Programs

Browse our listings, conduct a simple search by keyword,
or use our custom search to locate programs by area and
math topic, view upcoming events, or explore the entire

To submit an entry for a math research program not yet
listed, please use the form provided.


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