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Volume 3, Number 44

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2 November 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 44


Math for Morons Like Us | Graph Explorer - Cooper | MegaConverter

                    MATH FOR MORONS LIKE US

     Students talk to students about math: a site designed
     to help teach math concepts. 

Tutorials, sample problems, and quizzes, designed for those
who know some of the basic concepts but seek reinforcement, 
or who want to review things they learned in the past. 
The site covers:

   - pre-algebra
   - algebra
   - geometry
   - algebra II
   - pre-calc/calculus

Interactive resources include a calculus message board,
a user-contributed formula database, quizzes, math links, 
and a place to send feedback. 

Math for Morons Like Us is a 1998 ThinkQuest entry.


  ** Reader's choice:

                  GRAPH EXPLORER - Alan Cooper

A JAVA-based graphing utility from the Dept. of Mathematics 
and Statistics at Langara College in South Vancouver, B.C. 
This applet is designed to allow you to zoom in and out
smoothly, or to pan across the graphs of functions that you
define. Reader Syrilda Miller writes:

  "It is the best I have found for teaching transformations. 
   It features full use of parameters, colors for the graphs, 
   zoom in and out, continuous change of parameters, easy 
   editing, and frames for the instructions."

You can use Graph Explorer:

  - to display the graphs of functions that you want to study, 
    either individually or in families labelled by 
    "parameters" such as m*x+b or a*x^2+b*x+c; 

  - to note how the intercepts and other properties of the 
    above examples depend on the parameters, and relate those 
    observations to linear and quadratic functions; 

  - to observe the family of functions given by b^x for
    various values of b, and identify the number e as the 
    b-value giving slope 1 at x = 0; 

  - to observe, with the aid of the zoom feature, the "local 
    linearity" of various functions;

  - to explore other topics with the aid of pages of Internet 
    resources for the mathematics student, organized by topic 
    (pre-calculus, calculus, differential equations, linear 
    algebra, statistics) and by category (tools, courses, 
    demonstrations, general catalogues, and organisations/ 


              MEGACONVERTER - Ben-Cam InterMedia

     "the Web's best place to figure out what equals what"

An ever-growing set of modules for converting and calculating 
weights, measures, and units. Spin a dial to select the kind 
of unit to convert:
   ancient lengths, volume, or weight; angles; area; 
   astronomical distance; dec/hex/oct/bin; density; 
   energy; finance and interest; force; foreign area, 
   lengths, volume, or weight; heat index; kitchen 
   measures; length; mass and weight; metric prefixes; 
   nails (hardware); payment predictor; power, pressure;
   rgb to hex; shot count; speed; temperature; time; 
   typography; volume; weight in space; wind chill; 
   wine and spirits (fluid measures); wire density or 
   resistance; and zillions (large base ten numbers). 

       The site requires Netscape 3.0 and higher or 
       Internet Explorer 3.0 and higher. 


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