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Volume 4, Number 26A  -  June 1999 Discussions

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30 June 1999                                 Vol. 4, No. 26A


  This special issue of the Math Forum's weekly newsletter
  highlights recent interesting conversations on Internet 
  math discussion groups.

  For a full list of these groups with links to topics covered
  and information on how to subscribe, see:


  Replies to individual discussions should be addressed to
  the appropriate group rather than to the newsletter editor.

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                       JUNE SUGGESTIONS:

AP-CALC - the Advanced Placement Calculus mailing list, hosted 
by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and archived at
- Technology and Exams (7 June 1999)

 "...there is almost nothing computational that my applied 
  linear algebra students learn that cannot be done better - 
  more accurately and more quickly - by MATLAB. Does that mean 
  that I should not teach my students how to perform any of 
  those tasks? Or that I should not test my students' 
  understanding of the underlying processes on numerical 
  examples without the intervention of technology?..."
  - Jeff Stuart

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K12.ED.MATH - a moderated list on general math teaching 
questions, archived by the Math Forum at
- learning basic math facts in grades 1-3 (11 June 1999)

 "Other than flashcard drill, mad minutes, understanding number 
  concepts with manipulatives, etc. is there any approach/
  material/idea out there that someone has had wonderful 
  success with to help our population of over 100 per grade 
  level to master basic facts?" - Jill Ferguson

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SCI.MATH, a discussion group focused on general and advanced 
mathematics that can be read as a Usenet newsgroup or on the Web:

- MATH and MUSIC - Any Correlation? (7 June 1999)

 "I keep hearing that there are only two prodigies in the 
  world: mathematics and music, and that people excelling in 
  math often excel at music. Is this true?" - t_n_southton
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SCI.MATH.SYMBOLIC, a discussion group focused on symbolic 
mathematics that can be read as a Usenet newsgroup or on the Web:

- Mathematical Formulas, and Asthetics (21 June 1999)

 "I am an artist and not a mathematician... interested in 
  formulas that a mathematician may find to have a meaning that 
  is aesthetically pleasing or could be considered beautiful 
  due to its significance. If any of you have a formula that 
  for some reason appeals to you for the merits of its meaning, 
  could you please post the formula, its meaning, and why it 
  is beautiful to you..." - JPRTIST
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SCI.MATH.STAT, a discussion group focused on probability and 
statistics that can be read as a Usenet newsgroup or on the Web:

- Nature and normal distribution?? (20 June 1999)

 "I have read some historical excerpts about the origin of 
  normal distribution, i.e. measurement of errors, approximation 
  of binomial distribution. The normal distribution is 
  mathematically invented. Many researchers have found that 
  empirical observations of natural phenomena 'fit' to the 
  characteristics of the normal distribution, for example IQ
  scores, test scores, blood pressure, annual rainfall, etc. 
  Is it safe to assume this?... is nature really normally 
  distributed?" - Bordin Sapsomboon
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  We hope you will find these selections useful, and that you
  will browse and participate in the discussion group(s) of
  your choice.  

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