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Volume 4, Number 48A  -  November 1999 Discussions

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30 November 1999                                Vol. 4, No. 48A


  This special issue of the Math Forum's weekly newsletter
  highlights recent interesting conversations on Internet 
  math discussion groups.

  For a full list of these groups with links to topics covered
  and information on how to subscribe, see:


  Replies to individual discussions should be addressed to
  the appropriate group rather than to the newsletter editor.

  If you are familiar with a site we don't yet catalog, please
  use our Web form to suggest the link. Your own brief
  annotation will be much appreciated.

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                     NOVEMBER SUGGESTIONS:                    
AMTE - the mailing list of the Association of Mathematics 
Teacher Educators, archived by the Math Forum at:

- Ma's book (3 Nov. 1999)

  From Lee Shulman's foreward: "This book focuses on the work of 
  elementary school teachers, but its most important audience 
  may well be college and university faculty members who teach 
  mathematics to future teachers as well as future parents...  
  current undergraduate mathematics programs seem to have no 
  place for teaching fundamental mathematics for profound

  Browse more conversations at:

- Ma's book: Learning Arithmetic (4 Nov. 1999)

- Ma's book: teacher's mathematical knowledge (8 Nov. 1999)

- [Fwd: Ma's book] (3 Nov. 1999) - (where to get the book)

In October, United States Assistant Education Secretary Kent 
McGuire announced the selection of 10 mathematics education 
programs as "exemplary and promising." Reactions that followed
on the amte list include:

- Open Letter To Richard Riley (18 Nov. 1999)

- An explosive development? (19 Nov. 1999)

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GEOMETRY-COLLEGE - a group for discussions of topics covered in 
college geometry, problems appropriate for that level, and 
geometry education, hosted and archived by the Math Forum at:

Browse or search the October/November geometry-college archives 
for discussions about cubics, among them:

- Cubics References (2 Nov. 1999)

- three cubics and their group structures (2 Nov. 1999)

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GEOMETRY-PUZZLES - for problems, discussions, and solutions 
that require only a knowledge of pre-college geometry, hosted
and archived by the Math Forum at:

- Hyperbolas (4 Nov. 1999)
 "I can think of numerous places where ellipses and parabolas 
  show up in nature, but I'm at a loss when a students asks, 
  What about... a hyperbola?" - Quent Durham

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GEOMETRY-SOFTWARE-DYNAMIC - for the discussion of such geometry 
software programs as the Geometer's Sketchpad and Cabri 
Geometry II, hosted and archived by the Math Forum at:

- axioms for dynamic geometry? (27 Oct. 1999)
 "I'm interested in the axiomatic foundations of dynamic 
  geometry...." - June Lester

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K12.ED.MATH - a moderated list on general math teaching 
questions, archived by the Math Forum at

- 7th grade Math Test question? (3 Nov. 1999)

 "How would you answer the following question that was on my 
  son's 7th grade math test: True or False? The least negative 
  integer is -1." - Dave Moore

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MATHEDU, a mailing list set up to discuss issues in Mathematics/
Education at the post-calculus level, and archived at
- Writing Requirement (22 Nov. 1999)
 "Our school has instituted an upper division writing requirement
  [...and] we have put the writing requirement into an abstract
  algebra course... Teaching the course with writing, I'm 
  learning a few things that aren't in my assessment book... 
  I wonder if we could get a conversation going on this... ?"
  - Sandra Z. Keith
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  We hope you will find these selections useful, and that you
  will browse and participate in the discussion group(s) of
  your choice.  

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