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Volume 5, Number 15

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10 April 2000                                  Vol. 5, No. 15


Essays on Dimensions (MAM) | Mathematics and the Liberal Arts
                       Web Hunt - Gasch


The Math Forum has found a partner in WebCT, the leader 
in the higher education, e-learning market. 


WebCT and the Math Forum will work to improve and expand 
the Math Forum's free services. The integration of the 
Math Forum into, the company's e-learning hub, 
will expand the Math Forum's offerings in higher education 
and provide new resources for the improvement of mathematics 
education at all levels of learning.

                     ESSAYS ON DIMENSIONS


For Math Awareness Month, articles that deal with issues 
of dimension:

- Introducing Dimensions and Scaling and Measurement -
  Thomas F. Banchoff

- Dimension - Thomas F. Banchoff

- Computer Recreations: A program for rotating hypercubes 
  induces four-dimensional dementia - A. K. Dewdney

- The Mathematician as a Child and Children as 
  Mathematicians - Thomas F. Banchoff

- Dimensional Geographic - Suttirat A. Larlaub

Read about outreach activities and submit an announcement 
to see your event included in the list:




Notes on published articles: a resource for student research
projects and for teachers interested in using the history
of mathematics in their courses. Many pages focus on 
ethnomathematics and on the connections between mathematics 
and other disciplines. You are invited to add your comments.

AFRICA - Subtopics: Sub-Saharan Africa, Ancient Egypt, 
  African-American Mathematics, Carthage

THE AMERICAS - Subtopics: Indigenous American Mathematics, 
  North America, Central and South America

EUROPE - Subtopics: Hungary, Greece, The Roman Empire,
  The Celts, Medieval Europe, Germany, England, Denmark, 
  Switzerland, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, The Etruscans, 
  Holland/The Netherlands, Austria

THE MIDDLE EAST - Subtopics: Sumerians and Babylonians, The
  Islamic World.

OCEANIA - Subtopics: Indo-Malay Archipelago, The Philippines,
  New Zealand, The Malekula of Vanuatu, New Guinea, The 
  Hawaiians, New Ireland, The Marshall Islands, Kiribati 
  (The Gilbert Islands), The Caroline Islands, Australia, 
  The New Hebrides, Polynesia

Todd Hammond is a member of the faculty of the Division of 
Mathematics and Computer Science at Truman State University 
in Kirksville, Missouri. 


                    WEB HUNT - Mary Gasch
               Nerinx Hall, Webster Groves, MO

What is the oldest mathematical object in the world? 
What is the base of the Mayan number system? 
What number did the Ancient Greek and Roman numeral
  systems lack that was invented and promoted in the 
  Hindu-Arabic world? 

This Web-based hunt centers on non-European mathematics, 
with links provided to the mathematical contributions of 
a variety of cultures. Students may submit answers to 
their own teachers via an onsite form.

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