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Volume 5, Number 24

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12 June 2000                                  Vol. 5, No. 24


                 Project Interactivate Update
       NY State Regents Exam Prep | New Dr. Math FAQs

From July 1 - August 31, 2000, the Annenberg/CPB Channel
will present its free Summer 2000 Professional Development
Workshops. The registration deadline is JUNE 17, 2000.
Program descriptions, broadcast dates, information on how to 
receive graduate credit or certificates of participation, etc.
is online at

             The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.


Interactive middle-school lessons designed to extend hands-on 
activities and to teach new content areas, incorporating 
technology in appropriate ways. Topics include number and 
operations, geometry and measurement, functions and algebra, 
and probability and statistics. Java applets are provided
for these and other activities:

 - Venn diagrams
 - Lock arithmetic
 - Pythagorean explorer
 - Tessellate!
 - Vertical line test
 - Boxplot
 - Monty Hall
 - Stock Exchange
 - Buffon's Needle

Discussions model mentor-student dialogues, providing ideas 
that introduce or explain a concept, and pointing out common 
student misconceptions. See also the site dictionary of
important mathematical terms used in the lessons:

The materials are designed to be easily adaptable to NCTM 
Standards-based middle-school mathematics texts, and lessons 
are linked to chapter headings of four representative texts: 
Interactive Math (Glencoe, a division of McGraw-Hill); 
Math Thematics (McDougal Littell); Mathematics in Action
(Macmillan/McGraw-Hill); and Middle Grade Mathematics 
(Prentice Hall). The project is funded in part through the 
Presidential Technology Initiative. 


                  REGENTS EXAM PREP CENTER

This site, dedicated to assisting high school students in
preparing for the "new" New York State Math A Regents
Examination, also offers a general review of high school 

The site contains lessons, interactive student practice 
pages, and teacher resources for each of the Core Curriculum 
areas of the syllabus: 

  - Mathematical Reasoning
  - Numbers and Numeration
  - Operations
  - Modeling/Multiple Representation
  - Measurement
  - Uncertainty
  - Patterns and Functions 

Also included are study strategies and a multiple-choice
question archive.


                   New from the Dr. Math FAQ

                      GLOSSARY OF NUMBERS

What are abundant, amicable, deficient, figurate, happy,
narcissistic, palindromic, perfect, polygonal, semiperfect, 
sociable, square, tetrahedral, triangular, and weird numbers?


A classic problem: you are to draw a line from each house 
to each utility, without the lines ever crossing. Can you 
connect the houses to the utilities?

                    LIARS AND TRUTHTELLERS

How to tell whether a proposition P is true or false when 
questioning someone who might lie to you: a discussion of 
the general case.

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