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Volume 5, Number 28

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10 July 2000                                  Vol. 5, No. 28


Searching for Solutions - Campf | StatSoft Electronic Textbook
                Roman Numerals - Dr. Math FAQ

             SEARCHING FOR SOLUTIONS - Judy Campf

A Web-based unit that introduces students to strategies and 
real-life practice activities for applying problem-solving 

Individual lesson activities are grouped under: 
 - finding a pattern
 - reading and making a table
 - making an organized list
 - using a graph
 - drawing a diagram
 - choosing an operation/multi-step problems
 - working backward
 - solving a simpler problem

Real-life applications provide problems for students to 
practice solving. With a list of relevant Web sites, and a 
rubric for evaluating students' independent activities:



"The Encyclopedia Britannica for non-mathematical 
 statistics users." 

This searchable virtual textbook includes hundreds of 
illustrations and offers quick, easy, and free unlimited 
access to training in the understanding and application of 
statistics. It covers a wide variety of applications: 
laboratory research (biomedical, agricultural, etc.), 
business statistics and forecasting, social science 
statistics and survey research, data mining, engineering 
and quality control applications, and many others. 

Beginning with an overview of relevant elementary/pivotal 
concepts, the text continues with in-depth explorations of 
specific areas of statistics, organized by modules 
representing classes of analytic techniques. Includes a 
glossary and references. 


                   New from the Dr. Math FAQ

                       ROMAN NUMERALS

An introduction to Roman numerals, and further explorations:

   - How do I read and write Roman numerals? 
   - What are the rules for subtracting letters? 
      Can I write MIM? What about IIII? 
   - How do I write large numbers? 
   - Web resources: introductions, charts, calculators, 
      and converters 
   - Did the Romans use fractions? 
   - How can I use Roman numerals to do arithmetic problems? 
  Uses Past and Present 
   - How did the Romans use math? 
   - How are Roman numerals used today? 
   - Resources for other numeral systems 

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