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Volume 5, Number 39

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25 September 2000                               Vol. 5, No. 39


      Dynamical Systems & Technology Project - Boston U.
               Mathweb2000 | What Good is Math?

           AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY - Robert L. Devaney


An NSF-sponsored project that introduces contemporary
topics in mathematics (chaos, fractals, dynamics) to
secondary-school and college teachers of mathematics,
offering suggestions for how to use technology effectively
in this process. 

Interactive papers explore the mathematics behind such 
topics as iterated function systems (the chaos game) and 
the Mandelbrot and Julia sets, with some Java applets for 
chaos and fractals. Contents include:

 - The Mandelbrot Set Explorer
 - JAVA Applets for chaos and fractals
 - Chaos, Fractals, and Arcadia
 - Mathematics Field Days (for high school students),
    featuring a Fractal Quiz:

For more on cellular automata, chaos, fluid dynamics, 
fractals, and nonlinear dynamics, see the Math Forum's
Internet Mathematics Library - Dynamical Systems:


                          MATHWEB 2000


For classroom teachers, researchers, supervisors,
administrators, and education professors, an online math
conference (30 Oct. through 17 Nov. 2000) on assessment as
an issue central to mathematics education. The conference
aims to make professional enrichment accessible throughout 
the country through the use of technology.

A program with information about sessions is on the Web at:

Mathweb2000 is a joint project sponsored by the National 
Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), PBS, 
Hewlett-Packard, Modeling Middle School Mathematics, and 
the Show-Me Center, and is co-produced by Bolster Education 
and Group Jazz, Inc.

         WHAT GOOD IS MATH? - University of Richmond

A site created by pre-service math teachers, designed to 
show middle school students how math can be useful in their 
everyday lives. Topics include art, grades, sports, 
planning a party or a trip, and finance:

 - Art and Math: How Are They Related? 
 - How Did I Get a C in Spanish? 
 - How Do I Get the Most For My Shopping Dollar? 
 - Mathletics! or Is There Math in Sports? [NEW]
 - So You're Planning a Party? 
 - So You're Planning a Trip? 
 - Will I Ever Be Able to Fill My Piggy Bank? 

For more on why and how to study math, see the Dr. Math FAQ:


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