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Volume 5, Number 43

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23 October 2000                               Vol. 5, No. 43


           Glenn Commission | Waterloo Maple
     Using Children's Literature to Teach Mathematics 

     FOR THE 21ST CENTURY - U.S. Department of Education


A Glenn Commission plan to ensure that every American 
student receives excellent instruction in math and science. 

The report, released on September 27, 2000, sets three goals: 

 - to establish an ongoing system to improve the quality of
   mathematics and science teaching in grades K-12;

 - to increase significantly the number of mathematics and 
   science teachers and improve the quality of their 

 - to improve the working environment and make the teaching 
   profession more attractive for K-12 mathematics and 
   science teachers. 

Read action strategies for achieving the goals; view the
original Webcast of the press conference; or participate 
in an online discussion about the report. The report and 
background materials may be read online, or downloaded in
PDF or Microsoft Word versions. 


         MAPLE APPLICATION CENTER - Waterloo Maple Inc.


A forum where Maple users share their solutions to applied
problems in industry and research.

Applications contributed by Maple users include the following
 - communications
 - computer science
 - education
 - engineering
 - finance
 - graphics
 - Maple tools
 - mathematics
 - science
 - statistics and data analysis

Featured in their "What's New in the Maple Application Center"
are examples of elementary applications, including "How to Make
a Movie in Maple."

A free Maple 6 trial version for Windows is available:

For students there is a special Student Version of Maple 6:


                  Rosamond Welchman-Tischler

A booklet that explores ways teachers can help children to 
experience the type of mathematics envisioned in the
Standards, building on children's literature. 

Each of the first seven chapters describes a way children's
literature can be used to teach mathematics, by: 

 - providing a context or model for an activity with 
   mathematical content;
 - introducing manipulatives that will be used in varied 
   ways (not necessarily just as in the story);
 - inspiring a creative mathematics experience;
 - posing an interesting problem;
 - preparing for a mathematics concept or skill;
 - developing or explaining a mathematics concept or skill;
 - reviewing a mathematics concept or skill.

Each chapter contains examples of two to four books, with
summaries of stories, sketches of proposed classroom 
activities and related print materials (models for 
manipulatives, activity cards, worksheets), and suggested 
follow-up activities. 

Work on this booklet, a publication of the National Council 
of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), was partially supported 
by a grant from the National Science Foundation's Teacher 
Enhancement Program. 


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