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Volume 5, Number 45

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6 November 2000                               Vol. 5, No. 45


Math Contest - Texas A&M Univ. | GRAFEQ - Pedagoguery Software Inc.
          Tips for Writing Solutions - ElemPoW FAQ

                Ninth Annual Texas A&M University
                 High School Mathematics Contest


Texas A&M University will be hosting its ninth annual high
school mathematics competition on November 18th.
Approximately 400 students participated last year, and
many more are expected this year.

Schools that cannot attend the contest can register online
to participate in the Power Team Competition, which accepts
solutions by fax and costs $8. There is a $2.50 fee for each
student per individual exam.

Students may prepare for this and similar competitions by
reviewing PDF copies of the Texas A&M University High School
Mathematics Contest exams from 1997, 1998, and 1999.


                 GRAFEQ - Pedagoguery Software


GRAFEQ is shareware for graphing equations encountered in the
secondary pre-calculus mathematics curriculum, which

  - linear functions
  - inequalities
  - conics
  - polynomial functions
  - trigonometric functions
  - exponential functions
  - implicit equations
  - multiple constraints
  - polar coordinates, and more

It also plots equalities such as

  y - x = |y - x|   and   y = x^x

and illustrates the difference between equalities such as

  y = x^(1/3)   and   y = x^0.333333

Fully functional demo versions for both Windows and 
Macintosh are available for downloading:


       New from the Elementary Problem of the Week FAQ
                  Tips for Writing Solutions


From the Math Forum's Elementary Problem of the Week service,
answers to a frequently asked question: How do you write a
good math solution?

Suggestions are given to the student on writing a complete
solution, keeping work organized, checking the math, and
re-reading the explanation.


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