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Volume 5, Number 50

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11 December 2000                              Vol. 5, No. 50


The Making Mathematics Project | Varnelle's Primary Math - Measurement
      MathDEN | Mathematics Department - Phillips Exeter Academy


  The Making Mathematics project is looking for students! 
  Working mathematicians will mentor middle and high school 
  students as they engage in fun, interesting, and challenging 
  math research projects.

  For more information and to apply, please visit





Math Forum Summer Institute 2000 participant Varnelle Moore's
unit introduces young children (K-2) to beginning concepts
in measurement:

  - building houses
  - short vs. tall
  - brick walls
  - designing bridges
  - measurement using non-standard units

Each lesson includes an interactive, manipulative-based
project, technology, paper/pencil practice, and literature
connections. Activities are aligned to the NCTM Standards
and to the Philadelphia Mathematics Content Standards.

Helpful links and teacher support extension ideas are also


                   MATHDEN - ACT360 Media Ltd.

MathDEN presents a new set of competition-level questions
every Thursday. The questions are organized according to 
students' mathematical abilities. To explore this site, use 
guest as username and password.


  Stage 1 (ages 12-14, emphasis on abstract reasoning and
  word problems)
    - arithmetic computation
    - introductory geometry
    - elementary algebra
  Stage 2 (ages 13-15, emphasis on geometry)
    - introducing linear functions

  Stage 3 (ages 15-17)
    - functions: parabolas, circles, hyperbolas, and ellipses
    - does not include logarithms or trigonometry
    - complex word problems

  Stage 4 (ages 16-18)
    - logarithms
    - trigonometry

A Personal Progress Report that tracks the first attempt
at any question set is available with free registration. 

Other features include:

  Math Challenge: a new number and logic-based question 
     each week.
  Hot Math Tips: how to use basic addition and
     multiplication skills to increase calculating speed
  Math on the Net: a list of links to other selected
     math sites.
  Teacher's Guide: site rationale and information


        MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT - Phillips Exeter Academy


Review the academy's goals in mathematics education:


Problem sets written by members of the mathematics 
department, focusing on algebra, integrated mathematics
(algebra and geometry), and calculus, are available as 
PDF files:

Peanut Software for Windows, by Phillips Exeter teacher 
Rick Parris, offers free mathematics software:


  - Wingeom: high-precision geometric constructions
  - Winplot: a general-purpose plotting utility
  - Winstats: scatter plots, curve fitting, histograms,
      statistical data, and standard theoretical probability
  - Winfeed: a fractal exploration program
  - Winlab: conic sections, star polygons, three-body
      simulator, a root-finding utility for elementary
      functions, a 2-dim mapping visualization, roulettes,
      random functional graphs, and an exploration window for
      Penrose tilings
  - Windisc: discrete-math topics
  - Winmat: matrices and linear algebra problems
  - Wincalc: a high-precision integer calculator
  - Winarc: a collection of game subprograms


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