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Volume 6, Number 10

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5 March 2001                                      Vol. 6, No. 10


       The National Math Trail | Math with Mr. Herte
            Segments of Circles - Dr. Math FAQ
2nd International Conference on the Teaching of Mathematics

     THE NATIONAL MATH TRAIL - SERC, Texas Instruments


In this interactive Internet-based project, registered
students and teachers post community-based math problems
to the National Math Trail site, and participate in
project activities and events. The use of technology in
creating submissions is encouraged: photos, drawings,
sound recordings, videos -- whatever can be adapted to the
Internet may be included.

Included on the site:

  - Registration page
    Participation in all National Math Trail events is free

  - How to
    Sample submissions, guidelines and instructions for
    submission and a step-by-step guide to using the National
    Math Trail in the classroom

  - Math Standards
    An alignment of the classroom activity to the NCTM

  - Technology Tutorial
    Explanations of digital communication, hardware, and HTML

  - Submission Forms
    Electronic submission form and mail-in forms to print are
    both available

  - National Math Trail Map
    Click on a state to view the classroom submissions and
    the videos of professionals in the workplace across the
    United States explaining how mathematics is used in
    their jobs. Download the free Real Media player required
    to view the videos.

  - Kay Toliver
    Read about Kay Toliver, a Presidential and Disney
    Award-winning teacher, and view her Math Trail video.

Support for the National Math Trail comes from the U.S.
Department of Education's Star Schools Program through SERC
(the Satellite Education Resources Consortium), and from
the Verizon Foundation and Texas Instruments, Inc.


                    MATH WITH MR. HERTE


Mr. Herte, a Presidential Awardee, gives us a glimpse into
the workings of a middle school mathematics classroom,
providing other teachers with ideas and resources to enhance
their own mathematics curriculum.

Currently developed areas of his site include:

  - What's New
    Mr. Herte shares class news with his students

  - Photos
    A photograph of Sierpinski's Pyramid Stage 4

  - Links
    References, associations, resources and news

  - Family Math
    Suggested activities for families to do together

  - Discrete Math
    TI 83 program to use in teaching about fractals

  - Workshops
    Brief descriptions of workshops given by Mr. Herte

  - Materials
    Printer-friendly  pages of tangrams, cubes (to use in
    games to reinforce polygon vocabulary, integers, and
    fractions), Pascal's triangle, and a tetrahedron net.

  - Contests
    Descriptions of three contests Mr. Herte sponsors for
    his students

  - Student Work
    Examples of student reports on mathematicians and
    colorful geometric constructions

  - NYS Test
    Information on the New York State Assessment

  - Pi Day
    Pi Day activities for elementary through high school
    level and links to others' Pi Day suggestions


Mr. Herte's Pi Day page, and other useful resources to help
teachers and students celebrate Pi Day on March 14th, are
highlighted in:

                    T2T FAQ - PI DAY



                  New from the Dr. Math FAQ
                     SEGMENTS OF CIRCLES
  Given an arc of a circle and the chord subtending it, how do
  you find the apothem? In general, when given partial
  information about a segment of a circle, how do you compute
  what you want to know?


                    at the undergraduate level
                  Crete, Greece, July 1-6, 2002

  Following the successful 1st International Conference on the
  Teaching of Mathematics (Samos, Greece, July 1998), the 2nd
  International Conference will address new ways of teaching
  undergraduate mathematics. It will provide a unique forum,
  bringing together faculty from countries with varied
  educational systems who are committed to introducing
  innovative teaching methods and new pedagogies.

  For more information:


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