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Volume 6, Number 11

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12 March 2001                                      Vol. 6, No. 11


NCTM Annual Meeting | Math Education in China Discussions - Zhang
             Educational Java Programs - Bulaevsky



Join us at the Math Forum booth (#2002) or attend one of
our sessions at the NCTM Annual Meeting:

  - Understanding Design Elements of Informal Professional
  - Ask-an-Expert: Math Forum Online Advice and Answers for
      Math and Pedagogy Questions
  - Building Mathematical Communication with the Math Forum's
      Problems of the Week, Grades 3-8
  - Building Mathematical Communication with the Math Forum's
      Problems of the Week, Grades 9-12
  - The Math Forum: A Portal to Mathematics on the Web for
      Teachers and Students
  - Using Online Mentoring to Enhance Problem Solving,
      Assessment, and Communications Skills of Preservice


At our booth, we will offer prizes and classroom materials,
such as the book "Problems of the Week, Volume I."  Details
available here:



Dianzhou Zhang, Professor of Mathematics, East China Normal
University, Shanghai, is co-chair of a committee charged with
redesigning high school mathematics education in all of China.
Professor Zhang sees advantages to the traditional Chinese
approach, but also advantages to ideas from Western
mathematics education. He is seeking a balance between the

Professor Zhang will be in this country until May and would
like to discuss various questions with mathematicians and
mathematics educators from the elementary to the university
level. The Math Forum has created a discussion group for his
questions as one way of facilitating this.

This discussion group will be a bit different from our
normal ones in that

  1. it will be active only until the end of May, when
     Prof. Zhang returns to China and other duties will make
     it difficult for him to participate, and

  2. although it will be readable by everyone, participants
     must agree to abide by some modest rules.


        EDUCATIONAL JAVA PROGRAMS - Jacobo Bulaevsky


  This site began as a collection of Java applets to be used as
  tools to help and enhance the education of children at school
  and at home. Recently, Jacobo has expanded his site to include
  teacher lesson plans.

  Pattern Blocks: Exploring Fractions with Shapes
    Hands-on manipulatives to learn the basic concepts of
    fractions, addition and subtraction of fractions, and more.

  Base 10 Blocks
    Exploring whole decimal numbers, place value, and even
    algebra with blocks.

  Counting the Rice
    Through this hands-on and role play activity, the students
    will discover the concept of place value. Using different
    bases, this activity can be used through middle school.

  Integer Bars (or Cuisenaire Rods)
    Explore number sense, basic operations (addition,
    subtraction, multiplication, and division), fractions,
    algebra, and more ...

  The Pythagorean Theorem
    This lesson allows students to figure out the Pythagorean
    theorem by themselves.

  Discovering the Value of Pi
    Explore a special attribute of circles.


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