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Volume 6, Number 26

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25 June 2001                                       Vol. 6, No. 26


           Math Medley - WebCT |
  Breaking Away from the Mathbook - Baggett and Ehrenfeucht 

                 MATH MEDLEY - hosted by WebCT

  Math Medley is a weekly call-in talk radio show, hosted by 
  Pat Kenschaft from the Department of Mathematical Sciences 
  at Montclair State University. Each show features an 
  interview with an exciting guest discussing a topic with an 
  underlying theme of mathematics, such as education, parenting, 
  equity, or the environment.

  Access the library of archived broadcasts in any of these 
  three ways:

    - thematically: K-12 teachers, math education reform, 
      parenting, equity issues, real world applications, 
      "What is Math?"
    - chronologically: organized into 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 
    - alphabetically: ordered by guest's last name

  Past and future schedules are available:




  Formerly "Family Things," provides 
  information, sample pages, and ordering information for the
  Singapore mathematics and science curricula.

  Sample placement tests for the New Elementary Math Series:

  New Elementary Math 1

  New Elementary Math 2

  Primary Math 1A through Primary Math 6B

  Sample pages from the following titles:

    - Earlybird Pre-School Math
    - Primary Mathematics Series
    - New Elementary Mathematics Series
    - Additional Mathematics
    - College Mathematics

  A forum is available to talk with Singapore Math and Science 
  users about issues and concerns pertaining to the use of 
  the books:



             Pat Baggett and Andrzej Ehrenfeucht 

  This site from the New Mexico State University Department of 
  Mathematical Sciences is suitable for K-8 students. Many of 
  the activities are classroom-based lessons with colorful 
  diagrams, instructions, teaching strategies and some 
  interactive components.

  Activities include: Cuisenaire Strips, Straw Polyhedra, 
  Four Bugs, Kites, Counting to 100, Chinese Calendar Box, 
  Ancient Knot, Addition Board, Six Pyramids, One Third, 
  Pentagon Puzzles, and Sixteen Square Inches.

  For a complete list see:


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