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Volume 6, Number 32

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6 August 2001                                       Vol. 6, No. 32


         John C. Polking's Home Page | My First Garden
 Curriculum Guide for the Elementary Level - Saskatchewan, Canada

                 JOHN C. POLKING'S HOME PAGE

  Professor Polking at Rice University has a collection of 
  resources, including:

  - Ordinary Differential Equations using MATLAB
      This manual for using MATLAB in a course on Ordinary 
      Differential Equations can supplement most any textbook.

  - NonEuclid
      NonEuclid is an interactive Java applet for studying 
      hyperbolic geometry.
      See in particular: Why is it Important for Students to 
      Study Hyperbolic Geometry?

  - The Geometry of the Sphere
      A study of spherical geometry, beginning with great 
      circles, and culminating in proofs of Girard's Theorem 
      and Euler's Theorem.

  - Cartography
      A presentation of a variety of maps, and discussion of 
      the advantages and disadvantages of each. Available as 
      a PDF file.

  - Holo
      A MATLAB function that enables the visualization of 
      complex mappings.

  - Other Mathematical Software
      This is a small collection of useful educational 
      programs that run in MATLAB.


        MY FIRST GARDEN - University of Illinois Extension


  This garden site deals with the planning of the garden, such 
  as where it will be placed, what will be planted, and when 
  planting will happen. Younger students will particularly enjoy 
  "You Are the Ruler," an activity for using of parts of their 
  bodies to measure the depth of plantings, or the distance 
  between plantings.

  The 4th grade mathematics objectives include:
    - Make and use area and volume measurements. 
    - Use mathematical skills to estimate, approximate, and 
        predict outcomes and to judge reasonableness of results.

  More information about using this site is included in a 
  Teacher's Guide:


                     Saskatchewan, Canada                                


  The curriculum guide to elementary mathematics for the 
  Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Included are curriculum 
  outlines, sample units and lesson plans, list of resources, 
  notes for administrators, and an online discussion forum. 
  Some information is only available in PDF format.

  - Grade One Mathematics

  - Grade Two Mathematics

  - Grade Three Mathematics

  - Grade Four Mathematics

  - Grade Five Mathematics

  Designed to use with Grade 5 students, this new area 
  providing on-line rubrics for mathematics could be adapted 
  to use for a variety of grade levels:

  - General Rubric for Determining Achievement Levels in 

  - Problem-Solving Checklist

  - Problem Descriptions


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