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Volume 6, Number 35

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27 August 2001                                       Vol. 6, No. 35


  Fall 2001 Workshops - Annenberg/CPB Channel |
      Math Solutions Online Newsletter - Marilyn Burns

          FALL 2001 WORKSHOPS - Annenberg/CPB Channel

  This fall, the Annenberg/CPB Channel will rebroadcast 
  several of its professional development workshop series as 
  well as introduce two new ones. These workshops on teaching 
  and learning provide educators with ideas for improving 
  classroom practice, as well as with specific content for 
  enriching their subject knowledge.

  Support materials are available to download: 

    - The Next Move: Steps Toward Change in Elementary Math 
      and Science

    - Science in Focus: Force and Motion

  Graduate credit is available through Colorado State 




  This site provides tutorial solutions to textbook homework 
  problems. It gives teachers model solutions to problems from 
  the books they use, and provides students with automated, 
  self-paced Socratic tutoring. 

  Courses included are:

    - Algebra 1
    - Algebra 2
    - Calculus
    - Geometry
    - Pre-calculus
    - Physics
    - Statistics
    - Chemistry
    - Economics

  Guests can view problems numbered 1-9 in any problem set for 
  free. Register for access to their tutoring subscription 




  A newsletter designed to provide up-to-date classroom 
  activities and Math Solutions programs and materials for 
  elementary and middle-school students. Articles by Marilyn 
  Burns and others offer ideas ranging from how to help 
  children make sense of money and dates, to ways of learning 
  from student writing. 

  The newsletter is published four times a year by Marilyn 
  Burns. Subscribe to the Math Solutions mailing list here:

  Back issues are archived here:


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