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Volume 6, Number 43

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22 October 2001                                  Vol. 6, No. 43


   Fermi Off-The-Wall Math League | Platonic Realms - Smith
         Golden Section and Fibonacci Numbers - Britton

          Minnesota Intermediate School District 287

  A Fermi question is posed with limited information given, 
  and requires that students ask many more questions; for 
  example, "How many water balloons would it take to fill 
  the school gymnasium?"

  Solve new open-ended problems every week, view hints, and 
  see outstanding solutions to previous problems. To submit 
  solutions online, register with an entry fee of $25 per 
  person per session. An individual, a pair or a team of four 
  may register for this Internet-based project. Session 1 is 
  already underway; Session 2 will start February 4, 2002 
  and run through March 18, 2002.

  Fermi League Rules and Scoring

  Fermi Tips and Links

  Sample Fermi problems and unique solutions


               FERMI QUESTIONS - Sheila Talamo

  Resources include samples of Fermi questions, and an 
  introduction that answers: 

    - Who is Enrico Fermi? 
    - What is a Fermi question? 
    - Why are Fermi questions useful in the K-12 classroom? 


               PLATONIC REALMS - B. Sidney Smith


  The goal of Platonic Realms is to provide free, motivational, 
  and instructional mathematical content for secondary-school 
  and college students. 

  The Platonic Realms Home Page changes daily to display math 
  humor, quotes, historical notes, and mathematical challenges.
  Other features include the Encyclopedia, which is approaching 
  1,000 entries, and two dozen extended articles. The 
  Interactive Quotes Database allows searches by author, topic, 
  and key-phrase.

  The MiniTexts area includes:

    - Infinity: You Can't Get There From Here
    - Number: What Is "How Many?"
    - Studying Math: Coping with Math Anxiety
    - Studying Math: Writing For a Math Class
    - Visual Math: The Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher




  Jill Britton, a mathematics instructor at Camosun College in 
  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, has created two digital 
  slide shows:

  Each site includes commentary and each graphic is linked to 
  a high resolution (800 by 600 dpi) suitable for downloading 
  for your own digital show or as transparency masters. In 
  each page, there are seven animated sequences based on the 


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