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Volume 6, Number 44

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29 October 2001                                  Vol. 6, No. 44


                   Forum Changes Domain Name
         MathPages - K. Brown | Problems with a Point
    ENC Focus Magazine - Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

        FORUM CHANGES DOMAIN NAME - Math Forum @ Drexel


  The changes we have made to a "" may have caught your 
  eye. Visiting any Forum pages at the domain
  now displays a message redirecting you to the corresponding 
  address at our new domain. Please update your bookmarks to 
  the "" addresses.

  We appreciate your help as we make this transition. If you 
  have questions or comments please feel free to write:

          the Math Forum Internet Newsletter editors


                     MATHPAGES - Kevin Brown


  Wondering about golf tournaments and Latin squares; how (and 
  how not) to prove that pi is irrational; or what the stars 
  in the sky look when projected onto a sphere? Brown's 
  MathPages discuss these and other topics:

    - Number Theory
    - Combinatorics
    - Geometry
    - Algebra
    - Calculus and Differential Equations
    - Probability and Statistics
    - Set Theory and Foundations
    - History of Mathematics
    - Physics
    - Music

  Longer presentations include: 
    - Reflections on Relativity
    - Symmetric Pseudoprimes
    - Linear Fractional Transformations
    - Lead-Lag Algorithms
    - Animated (Java) Illustrations
    - Combined List of Articles
    - Albro Swift
    - Quotations


                      PROBLEMS WITH A POINT


  This site provides a resource for teachers who use, or are 
  beginning to use, a problem-centered approach. Problems are 
  classified by:
    - topic
    - time required
    - suggested technology
    - required mathematical background
    - habits of mind that students develop or use as they work

  Synopses of the problems are keyword searchable. Answers and 
  solutions are provided, and many problems include hints. 

  Guided Tour
  Favorite Problems
  Submit Your Own Problem


      ENC FOCUS MAGAZINE - Eisenhower National Clearinghouse


  The latest issue, New Horizons in Mathematics and Science 
  Education, features articles that address the pervasive 
  need for improvement in K-12 mathematics and science education. 

  The Communication Revolution, an article by Susan Boone, 
  describes her experience as a participant in the Math 
  Forum's Bridging Research and Practice project.

  Subscribe to ENC Focus and receive all future issues of 
  ENC Focus in the mail free of charge:



           Bridging Research and Practice (BRAP)


  The Math Forum's Bridging Research and Practice Group 
  consists of middle school and high school math teachers and 
  Math Forum staff who shared videotapes of their classrooms, 
  talked about their teaching, read research articles and 
  chapters, and reflected on their implications for practice. 
  The videopaper "Encouraging Mathematical Thinking Discourse 
  around a Rich Problem" presents the group's working knowledge 
  about how teachers engage students in mathematical thinking, 
  and why this is important.


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