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Volume 6, Number 49

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3 December 2001                                  Vol. 6, No. 49


             Learning Math - Annenberg/CPB Channel
  Math Digest and Math in the Media - AMS | Poly Pages - A. Clarke

                  The Annenberg/CPB Channel

  Beginning January 22, the Annenberg/CPB Channel will 
  broadcast the first of five video and Web-based mathematics 
  courses for elementary and middle school teachers. 

  This new ten-part professional development course in 
  mathematics will explore the "big ideas" in algebraic 
  thinking, such as 
    - finding, describing, and using patterns
    - using functions to make predictions
    - understanding linearity and proportional reasoning
    - understanding non-linear functions
    - understanding and exploring algebraic structure

  The concluding case studies will show classroom applications 
  of what has been learned. The course consists of 10 
  two-and-a-half hour sessions, each with a half-hour of video 
  programming, problem-solving activities available in print 
  and on the Web, and class discussions.

  The deadline for Spring registration is December 31, 2001. 
  Register at no cost by calling 1-800-228-8030, or sign up 


                    MATHEMATICAL DIGEST - AMS


  Each month, the AMS posts short summaries of articles about 
  mathematics that have recently appeared in the popular press.


                    MATH IN THE MEDIA -  AMS

  Tony Phillips compiles highlights of math news from science 
  literature and the current media.


                THE POLY PAGES - Andrew Clarke


  A searchable site of information on the various polyforms 

    - Polyominoes
    - Polyiamonds
    - Polycubes
    - Polyhexes
    - Polyhes
    - Polyares
    - Polybes
    - Polyaboloes
    - Reptiles
    - Isoperimetric Polyforms
    - Other Polyforms

  The Poly Pages links to English, French, German, and Italian 
  language sites on polyforms. 


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