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Volume 6, Number 5

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29 January 2001                                Vol. 6, No. 5


  Pentomino - T.I.D. Ronse School | The Mathman - Don Cohen
       Mathematics Problems and Warm-ups - Lori Thomson

                PENTOMINO - T.I.D.Ronse School


Students at the T.I.D Ronse School in Ronse, Belgium have
made a Web page featuring pentominoes. The pages can be
viewed in Dutch, English or French.

The introduction page has general information and
interactive links to:
  - monomino
  - domino
  - triomino
  - tetromino
  - pentomino
Visitors to the site are invited to enter a competition that
involves using the 12 unique pentominoes to tile a
10 x 10 x 10 cube. An example is shown here:


                    THE MATHMAN - Don Cohen


Materials for sale to K-12 students, teachers and parents,
including "Get Ready for Calculus" and "Changing Shapes with
Matrices." Sample problems and answers from Don's worksheet
book are organized by chapters here:

"Patterns in Mathematics" is a book in the planning stages
with pages on the Web site:

The Mathman posts the mathematical thoughts of his students,
as reflected on the page "New Discoveries, New Student Works:"



  This web-base of 101 short, interesting mathematics problems
  is searchable by keyword or by categories such as areas of
  mathematics and types of thinking. The site provides a
  bibliography of sources, and an explanation of the categories
  listed on the search page.


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