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Volume 6, Number 53

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31 December 2001                                  Vol. 6, No. 53


        2002 Olympic Education | PDK Poster Project
         Teacher Exchange - The Math Forum @ Drexel



  This site is designed with the expertise of many Utah
  teachers, curriculum designers, and Olympic organizers.
  Available are social studies, mathematics, humanities,
  fine arts, health, physical education, science, and
  interpersonal communication activities designed to take
  advantage of the excitement and momentum of the Olympic and
  Paralympic Games in Utah.

  Sections include:

    - Countries: Athletes from 79 countries will come to Utah
        in 2002. Teacher-created curricular materials are
        available for every country.
    - Continents: Explore the geography, climate, and
        characteristics of each continent.
    - Sports: Learn about the important math and science
        concepts that can be taught with sports.
    - News: Follow the latest information about Olympics
        and Education in Utah. Click the archive for all
    - Curriculum: The mathematics lessons focus on increasing
        skills in creating and solving problems involved in
        various Olympic competitions.


         THE PDK POSTER PROJECT - Pamela Davis Kivelson
           Using Visual Means To Challenge Stereotypes 

  The primary goal of this project is to encourage scientific
  literacy, and to promote the public's awareness and
  appreciation of science and technology by humanizing the
  image of research science and scientists. Its other major
  goal is to increase the number of women and girls who choose
  to pursue careers related to the physical sciences and
  mathematics, and to retain, at the high school and university
  levels, women who have already chosen such careers.


  Materials for Study 



                      TEACHER EXCHANGE


  The Teacher Exchange is a combination of our previous Web
  Units and Lessons page and the idea of encouraging the
  mathematics education community to contribute their own
  lessons to the Math Forum @ Drexel site.

  Grades Pre-K-2

  Grades 3-5

  Grades 6-8

  Grades 9-12

  College Level

  Contact us about a lesson that you would like hosted

  Make a lesson on the Web


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