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Volume 7, Number 10

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11 March 2002                                   Vol. 7, No. 10


 Math in the Media Sites - Euchler | Creative Classroom Online
                 Dr. Math FAQ: Working Together

              MATH IN THE MEDIA SITES - John Euchler

  John Euchler has shared with us a list of "math in the media"
  references, assembled by his 12th graders when they presented
  a project on math as portrayed in popular film.

    Math in the Movies Page - A. G. Reinhold

    Letters to Math in the Movies - A. G. Reinhold

    Mathematical Fiction - Alex Kasman

    Math in Fiction - Nik Weaver

    Bad Astronomy - Phil Plait

    Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics -

  John's class site:


  CREATIVE CLASSROOM ONLINE - Creative Classroom Publishing, LLC


  Updated bimonthly, Creative Classroom Online is drawn from
  the pages of past and present issues of Creative Classroom,
  a professional magazine for K-8 teachers. Math Matters
  highlights mathematics activities. The current feature is:

  A Special Statistic: Putting the meaning back in averages

  Paul Giganti, Jr., presents statistics activities for three different 
  grade bands, all addressing the topic of "average":

    K-3: How Long is the Average Name?
    4-6: Don't Be Mean, Split the Beans
    6-8: Making Averages "Mean"-ingful

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  A+ Activities.


                  New from the Dr. Math FAQ

                       WORKING TOGETHER

  Jack can paint a house in 5 days, and Richard can paint the
  same house in 7 days. Working together, how long will it
  take them to finish the job?


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