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Volume 7, Number 19

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13 May 2002                                       Vol. 7, No. 19


                 Polynomiography - B. Kalantari
  Summer 2002 Workshops - Annenberg/CPB Channel | Algorithms



  Polynomiography is software for the visualization of
  polynomials. Developed by Bahman Kalantari, a computer
  scientist at Rutgers University, Polynomiography does not
  graph polynomials, but rather represents them using fractal
  and non-fractal images based on the mathematical convergence
  properties of iteration functions.

  Kalantari has used Polynomiography to generate:

  Surface Design

  Image Gallery



         SUMMER 2002 WORKSHOPS - Annenberg/CPB Channel

  Many of the Annenberg/CPB Channel's summer workshops and
  courses will be broadcast on the Channel to accommodate
  institute-style viewing. The workshops and courses will be
  aired at the same time time of day, Monday through Thursday,
  for two weeks. Topics include:
    - Assessment in Math and Science: What's the Point?
    - Learning Math: Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
    - Learning Math: Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
    - Mathematics: What's the Big Idea?
    - The Missing Link
    - The Next Move
    - Private Universe Project in Mathematics

  Register at no cost by calling (800-LEARNER) or sign up at

  Complete a free workshop or course to earn certificates
  applicable to inservice requirements or recertification
  credit. Graduate credit is also available through Colorado State


           ALGORITHMS - National University of Ireland


  Plug in your parameters, and these HTML Forms will calculate:

    - Euclidean GCD Algorithm Using Recursion
    - Fibonacci Numbers by Iteration
    - Fibonacci Numbers: O(LOG(n)) by Iteration
    - Towers of Hanoi
    - Knapsack Problem Solution by Dynamic Programming
    - Fibonacci Numbers by Recursion

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