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Volume 7, Number 20

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20 May 2002                                       Vol. 7, No. 20


 App Development Contest - Texas Instruments |
   Curriculum Resources - Mathematical Association of Victoria


  Texas Instruments is holding a "Develop Handheld Software
  Applications (Apps)" contest from May 20 through
  August 20, 2002.

  The contest is open to participants of ages 13 and up.
  Participants ages 13 and up compete to win prizes by
  developing applications for the TI-83 Plus, TI-83 Plus
  Silver Edition, TI-89, TI-92 Plus, or TI-73.

  The official rules and prizes will be announced starting
  May 20. Read about some of last year's winners:




  Interactive resources for learners are presented to support
  Great Britain's national curriculum. There are self-guided
  lessons, with glossaries and self-assessments in the following
    - numbers
    - shape, space, and measurement
    - handling data
    - algebra
    - quadratics
    - coordinate geometry
    - circular measure
    - trigonometry
    - vectors
    - differentiation
    - integration
    - arithmetic and geometric sequences
    - exponential and logarithmic functions
    - numerical solutions of equations
    - basic probability
    - representation of data
    - measures of central tendency
    - probability distributions
    - dispersion
    - binomial distribution
    - normal distribution

                      CURRICULUM RESOURCES
       The Mathematical Association of Victoria, Australia

  The site hosts a collection of pages on Investigations in
  Point Symmetry, and has available for purchase sets of support
  materials, some of which can stand alone.

  Investigations in Point Symmetry

  Problems of the month for lower primary, upper primary/lower
  secondary and upper secondary students are included in this
  section. All have archived solutions. An e-mail list helps
  teachers and students communicate about problem solving.

  Mathematics Problem Solving Task Centres

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