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Volume 7, Number 26

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1 July 2002                                       Vol. 7, No. 26

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  As part of their site for "life-long learners," Annette Lamb
  and Larry Johnson have organized resources under different
  topics, including mathematics. 42eXplore focuses on a new
  topic each week. The math topics featured include:

    - Charts & Graphs
    - Codes, Ciphers & Secret Messages
    - Fractals    
    - Geometric Shapes and Figures
    - Pi
    - Polls and Surveys
    - Statistics & Probability
    - Tessellations

  On each page you'll find definitions, activities, four good
  starting points, and more links and resources for the
  thematic topic.

  See also
    Teacher Tap - professional development resources that help
      educators address common technology integration

    Activate E-Journal - provides resources for parents,
      teachers, library/media specialists, administrators,
      and technology coordinators.



  Stanley Stat and Pie-Chart Pam introduce kids to
  statistics and demonstrate how important they are to
  agriculture. Features of this site include:

    - Glossary, Words We Use
    - Games
    - The History of NASS
    - What Does NASS Do in Your State
    - Ag for Teachers
    - Ag Links
    - Stanley Stat
    - Pie-Chart Pam

  A version in Spanish is also available:




  Our goals are to help students learn mathematics, and to help
  schools improve math education. In addition to our public web
  site, each year we offer special programs for selected
  schools where our staff works directly with you to:

    - support teachers who would like to learn more mathematics
      or more about how students learn math

    - learn about and integrate some of the new software and
      technology that can make a big difference in your math

    - expand your school's resources through programs such as
      our mentoring services

    - organize Internet resources and provide online support
      services for teachers and students that match your local
      standards and performance goals.

  Sample School Web Site


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