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Volume 7, Number 3

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21 January 2002                                  Vol. 7, No. 3


           AP Central | World!Of Numbers - De Geest
          Problem Corner | Two Programming Contests

                         AP CENTRAL
    The College Board's Online Home for AP Professionals


  A site for all those involved in or interested in the
  AP Program, including new and experienced teachers,
  coordinators, counselors, college faculty, and school and
  college administrators.

  Complete a three-step registration to become a member of the
  AP Central Community and access its growing set of resources.

  Once registered, there are a variety of resources available:

  Teachers' Resources
  These resources are organized by
    - Assessments
    - Background Material
    - Bibliography
    - Calculator/Computer Programs
    - Discussion Questions
    - Experiments
    - Explorations
    - Homework Activities
    - Lesson Plans
    - Problem Sets
    - Project Ideas
    - Reference Material
    - Scholarship/Research
    - Simulations/Animations
    - Student Activities
    - Syllabi
    - Teaching Tips
    - Test Prep Materials
    - Vocabulary Lists
    - Web Site Lists
  Users of the materials are invited to submit reviews, which are
  then made available to the community.

  AP Community

  Institutes & Workshops


  Read background and implementation information about:
    - The Program
    - The Course
    - The Exam
    - Teachers and Schools
    - Colleges and Universities

              WORLD!OF NUMBERS - Patrick De Geest


  World!of Numbers, a Web site by Patrick De Geest, is about
  recreational mathematics, with palindromes as the main topic.
  Patrick explains that he opted for palindromes "...not
  because of my length (181 cm), my average weight (77 kg) or
  my house number (141) but because I was attracted by their
  overall symmetry and the fact that it was a novel and thus
  insufficiently studied subject."

  Facts and figures about 2002, the last palindromic year

  Mirror site:


                     PROBLEM CORNER - Les Reid
               Southwest Missouri State University


  Three levels of problems are updated monthly, then archived
  along with solutions.

    - High School: Problems are directed primarily towards high
        school students, although everyone is welcome to

    - Advanced: Problems are written assuming some
        college-level mathematics, typically calculus, but
        occasionally higher-level courses.

    - Challenge: Knowledge of college-level mathematics is not
        assumed, but the problems posed tend to be of a more
        challenging nature. Some of the problems in the archives
        are marked as not yet solved.



  These contests were inspired by the Problem Corner's
  "Attacking Hyperqueens" problem.


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